Merchant Portal - Logging In
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How to Log In to the Merchant Portal

Everything you need to know about accessing your account, finding your password, adding new users and more.

8 min read
How to use the Merchant Portal - Navigation
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How to Navigate the Merchant Portal

Learn the basics of navigating the Merchant Portal and where to find the different sections you’ll need to manage your store using the dashboard.

17 min read
Mx - LC-menu-tips-hero-1208x1080
Ways to Grow

11 Tips to Design a High Performing DoorDash Menu

Learn how to update your menu to provide your customers with a better experience, ease the burden on your kitchen, and drive customer loyalty and growth.

14 min read
Merchant Portal Store Essentials
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How to Add Store Essentials in the Merchant Portal

Everything you need to know about how to get started setting up your store on the Merchant Portal, like adding your restaurant address, phone number, and store hours.

10 min read
DoorDash Merchant Portal Banking
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Set Up Your Restaurant's Banking Information

Everything you need to know about how to set up your banking information on the Merchant Portal to receive DoorDash payments.

9 min read
Menu Photography Best Practice
Menu Setup

How to Add Photos to Your Menu in the Merchant Portal

Learn how to add your logo, photos and other ways to show off your menu and increase sales.

8 min read