Retail delivery

Reach new customers in your neighborhood by partnering with DoorDash to offer local retail delivery.

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Partner with DoorDash to help drive growth and take your business to the next level.

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A retail delivery partner for your store

Mx- Business - Retail - Beauty Supplies

Beauty supplies

Connect with customers looking to stock up on makeup, skincare, and other personal care items.

Mx - Business - Retail - Baby Goods

Baby goods

Deliver in-demand products like diapers, formula, wipes, toys, and games to parents in your area.

Mx - Business - Retail - Office Supplies and Stationery

Office supplies & stationery

Get paper, ink, pens, cards, and other office supplies to customers same-day.

Mx- Business - Retail - Home Goods and Improvement

Home goods & improvement

Keep your customers busy with quick delivery for home improvement supplies, tools, and more.

Mx- Business - Retail - Electronics


Offer local delivery for popular electronic items, from TVs to toasters, and more.

Mx - Business - Retail - Pharmacy


Safely facilitate local delivery for over-the-counter and prescription medication (coming soon).

Mx - Retail - Value Prop 1 - Reach New Customers

Access new customers

Meet your customers where they are. Market your retail shop on DoorDash and connect with local customers looking to get everyday supplies and goods delivered same-day.

Differentiate your brand

Delight your customers by offering quick, efficient delivery, setting your shop apart. Plus, keep operations the same: there’s no need to hire delivery drivers or manage a fleet when you partner with DoorDash for retail delivery.

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Mx Blog - Kesha Beauty Supply - Lakesha in shop

"DoorDash is so easy. I get the order, I fulfill it, they come and pick it up and deliver it."

Lakesha Lymon-Ellerbee
Owner, Kesha Beauty Supply

Frequently asked questions

With retail delivery, customers browse your shop on DoorDash, where they can add items to their cart, place an order, and pay through the app. Confirm the order using a DoorDash tablet. Then, prepare the order and hand it off to a Dasher for delivery.

DoorDash retail delivery is available for businesses that have a physical store and sell items in one or more of the following categories: beauty, home, office supplies, electronics, stationery, arts and crafts, home improvement, baby goods, sports, fashion, or books. DoorDash retail delivery solutions are not for businesses that primarily sell services or CBD products, or are wholesalers looking to sell to other businesses.

Separate DoorDash products are available for retailers that sell groceries, flowers, pet supplies, convenience store items, or alcohol.

To qualify for DoorDash retail delivery, shops must offer a minimum of 20 products, each with a corresponding photo, description, and price. This minimum scope encourages customer engagement, helping your business be more successful on the DoorDash platform.

By listing your business on DoorDash, you’ll reach more customers who are looking to purchase goods online and get them delivered same-day. This shop-on-demand model enables local retailers to grow their businesses and compete with online-only retailers. A retail delivery system also offers additional convenience for new and existing customers, with average delivery in under 35 minutes.

After confirming that you meet the requirements for your type of business, you will need to provide some information about your company, including: your bank account information (so that you can get paid for your DoorDash orders), and the name of your company or a legal representative.

With DoorDash as your delivery partner, your business will be featured on the platform customers already know and love.

As a DoorDash partner, you’ll also get greater control over how you do business online. For example, you’re able to sell items under your own branding, and you control your product catalog and pricing.

As a retailer, you’ll be notified when a customer has placed an order. You’ll have the opportunity to accept the order on your tablet or device and confirm an estimated delivery time. Then, prepare the order and hand it off to a Dasher for delivery.

Once an order is ready, a Dasher will arrive at your location to pick up an item before transporting it to the customer. Customers can track order progress through DoorDash’s logistics platform and tip drivers.

As a business, you have the ability to manage available inventory through the DoorDash Merchant Portal or Business Manager App. Simply mark items as out of stock as you run out of them, and you won’t receive any orders for that item.