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Integrate Your Point-of-Sale System with DoorDash

Running a business involves many different moving parts and partnerships. As one of those partners, we want to help ensure running your business is as smooth as it can be. One of the ways we do that is by integrating with your POS (point of sale) system.


The Basics of POS

Digital POS systems have revolutionized how small businesses operate. In addition to letting business owners track sales, cash flow, and inventory in real-time, they also streamline the ordering process in restaurants, bars, and other vendors serving food and drinks.

DoorDash can be integrated with a number of leading POS providers, so that everything — menu data, ordering channels, and sales — is in one place, no matter where the order came from.

The Perks of Integration

Integrating DoorDash with your POS system simplifies running your business in a number of ways.

  • Automatic updates. Any changes you make to your menu on your POS system will be automatically reflected on your DoorDash menu.

  • Less hardware. Integration means all your orders — dine-in, takeout, and delivery — will show up in the same place. There’s no need for an extra tablet (and no need to train your staff how to use multiple platforms).

  • Fewer errors. With DoorDash orders sent directly to your POS, there’s no need for your staff to manually enter off-premise orders into your POS system, reducing the possibility of human error.

  • Smoother operations. Using a POS order protocol is associated with 15-35% better order quality — that means fewer missing or incorrect items and cancellations.

  • Track your performance. You can review and analyze your DoorDash ordering trends directly from your POS system.

Getting Started

Currently, DoorDash supports integration with 15 different POS systems, including Toast and Square, which are the most popular POS systems among restaurants in the US.

  • Toast: If you already use Toast, find out more about DoorDash integration here.

  • Square: If Square is your preferred POS system, here’s how to integrate DoorDash.

Using another POS other than Toast or Square? Learn more about other available POS integrations.

You can also begin the integration process through the Merchant Portal and submitting a help request. For more detailed information, check out our step-by-step integration request process.