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Store Management

Commission and Fees on DoorDash, Explained

How much is DoorDash for restaurants? Learn about DoorDash pricing for restaurants, what pickup and delivery commission and fees cover, and how they help bring value to your business.

4 min read
Store Management

How to Operate and Manage Your Store on DoorDash

Learn about DoorDash's tech tools, including the Merchant Portal, DoorDash Tablet, Business Manager app, and POS Integration.

7 min read
Store Management

US Merchant Marketplace Facilitator FAQ

Understanding how Marketplace Facilitators play a role in filing your taxes.

6 min read
Store Management

How to Understand Your DoorDash Payout and Monthly Statement

Learn how to utilize the DoorDash reporting tools to ensure your restaurant's finances are in order.

12 min read
Merchant Portal - Reporting
Store Management

How to Utilise DoorDash Reporting

Learn how to leverage data in the Merchant Portal to increase sales and provide a better customer experience.

10 min read
Store Management

Viewing your Canceled Orders on DoorDash

Learn why orders are canceled and how to submit any DoorDash disputes.

5 min read