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Introduce your store to new customers in your area interested in delivery, pickup, and more.

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Everything you need to grow your online business


Offer delivery and pickup 

Open a new revenue stream and offer pickup and delivery on DoorDash, with Dashers or your own drivers. 

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Access big spenders 

Tap into DashPass subscribers, customers who order more frequently and spend more per order.


Add direct online ordering 

Allow customers to place orders directly from your website. You pay zero commissions or monthly fees.

How it works

When you list your business on the DoorDash app or website, customers can find you on the marketplace and order for delivery or pickup. Manage incoming orders through your tablet or point of sale integration, and we’ll help with the delivery logistics, with Dashers or your own drivers.

Run marketing campaigns

You can run ads & promotions to appear higher in customer search results and attract and incentivize new customers to order from you.

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Reach DashPass customers

With DashPass,  included in Plus and Premier plans, high-value customers see your business first and pay lower fees when they order from you — at no added cost to you. Because DashPass customers order more often, you’ll likely get more orders and repeat customers.

Pricing that's simple

Offer pickup and delivery on DoorDash to grow your business. Choose the plan that works best for you.

DoorDash App

Attract new customers and increase sales when you list your business on DoorDash.



Delivery commission


Pickup commission


Fulfill DoorDash delivery orders with your own drivers and own the delivery experience.



Delivery commission


DashPass delivery commission

*Partnership Plans (Basic, Plus, Premier) are available for restaurants with 75 or fewer locations in the U.S. 6% Pickup is available to all partners in the U.S. who comply with the DoorDash Merchant Terms of Service, including having DoorDash Pickup menu prices match in-store prices.

**DoorDash Premier Growth Guarantee: Accept at least 20 orders per month or DoorDash will refund your commission costs for that month. Partners are eligible for this rebate only if (1) they cancel fewer than 5 orders that month and (2) maintain “open hours” on DoorDash for 90% of the Store Hours that they have set in the Merchant Portal.