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How to Manage Your Menu and Store Hours for Your DoorDash Integration

Find out which menu updates you can make through DoorDash and when you’ll need to contact your integration provider for updates or support.

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You can manage your menu and store hours directly through your POS now that your store has an integration with DoorDash.

What menu changes can I make through DoorDash?

One of the benefits of a POS integration is automatic menu updates. In other words, changes you make through your POS menu are synched to your DoorDash menu. That’s why, in most cases, your POS menu should be your primary source for all menu updates. Changes made through the menu manager in the DoorDash Merchant Portal are not permanent and will be overridden by updates from your POS provider menu or can cause orders to fail.

However, depending on your POS provider, you may be able to make these menu changes through DoorDash:

  • Pickup pricing

  • Alcohol or age restriction tags

  • Bike-friendly Dasher tags

Because most menu changes should be made through your POS, if you need assistance on menu change requests, you’ll want to contact your POS provider directly.

How do I add or edit my menu photos?

DoorDash automatically requests menu photos from your POS integrated menu, reviews them to make sure they meet DoorDash quality standards, and publishes them to your DoorDash menu. Any and all photo additions or changes should be completed through your POS and include a public photo URL.

Some tips to ensure your photos are approved:

  • Accuracy: Make sure the photo accurately represents the item. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to see at least 80% of the item, and the photo should reflect the portion size. Things to avoid:

    • Multiple items in the same photo

    • Unrealistic format/presentation

    • Inaccurate portion sizing

  • Quality and focus: Photos should be high resolution images and should not be blurry in parts or as a whole

  • Lighting: Items need to be properly lit in their entirety without any part being overly exposed

  • Overlays: All images must have the same formatting without any extra graphics, text, or borders

  • No people: The food is the star, if the person is taking up more of the frame than the food/product, the photo will be rejected

The technical specifications for DoorDash photos are:

  • 16:9 aspect ratio

  • 2 MB maximum file size

  • JPG, JPEG, or PNG file type

How do I update my menu pricing?

For most providers, you’ll need to update menu prices through your POS system. Once pricing is updated in your POS, it will automatically update on DoorDash. With many providers, the change will be instantaneous. For others, there can be a lag of up to 24 hours before new pricing is reflected on DoorDash.

Pickup Pricing

You should update pickup prices directly through your POS if your POS provider supports Native Dual Pricing. If your provider doesn’t offer dual pricing, you can update pickup prices through the DoorDash Merchant Portal or by contacting DoorDash Support.

We recommend matching in-store pricing and delivery pricing as closely as possible, although it is not a requirement. Pricing is a factor that can affect customer experience or visibility on DoorDash. Learn more about DoorDash’s stance on menu pricing.

How do I modify my store hours?

Your DoorDash store hours are based on the store hours set in your POS system. You will need to update your store hours with your POS or integration provider for it to be updated on DoorDash. Your DoorDash closing time will be listed 20 minutes earlier than your actual store closing to allow prep time for late orders.

Store hours can also be modified from the DoorDash Merchant Portal depending on your provider. But to avoid losing updates in syncs, we recommend only updating store hours through your POS provider.

How do I mark an item out-of-stock or 86 it from my menu?

Marking a menu item as out-of-stock can usually be completed through your POS provider. Contact your provider directly if you need guidance on how to do this. If you mark an item out-of-stock through DoorDash’s self-serve menu editor, you’ll need to use the same method to re-enable the menu item.

Integrated Menu FAQ

Can I increase my menu prices for DoorDash orders?

We recommend matching in-store pricing and delivery pricing as closely as possible, although it is not a requirement. Pricing is a factor that can affect customer experience or visibility on DoorDash. Learn more about DoorDash’s stance on menu pricing.

Why isn’t my menu updated after I submit changes?

The timing of updates from your POS system to DoorDash will vary according to your POS provider. You can contact DoorDash Support if you have any questions.

Managing your menu and store hours can all be handled through your POS once you’ve completed the DoorDash integration. It can be one of the quickest ways to update your on- and off-premise store. Your POS provider is usually the best place to start if you have issues with your menu. DoorDash Support or the DoorDash Merchant Portal are additional resources.

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