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Manage Your Checkmate Integration with DoorDash

Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Checkmate integration.

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Your Checkmate integration with DoorDash means all of your orders and operations go directly through your POS, so everything is in one place. Many restaurants use integrations to save time and effort — in fact, roughly three in four restaurant orders on DoorDash Marketplace come through an integration.

About Checkmate and DoorDash

Checkmate is a third-party aggregator that connects to your point-of-sale (POS). Checkmate’s partnership with DoorDash allows you to accept and fulfill orders from DoorDash Marketplace, Storefront, and Caviar from your POS. Learn more about POS Integrations and its benefits.

What do I need before starting the Checkmate integration process?

Before you can start integration onboarding for your store, you need three things:

  1. A DoorDash partnership 

  2. A Checkmate partnership

  3. A POS menu synched with Checkmate

Checkmate will help you confirm that your menu is ready for the DoorDash integration with an email or in their onboarding portal.


You can begin the Checkmate integration using these self-integration steps with your compatible POS.

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Onboarding support is available from Checkmate through your Onboarding Specialist, submitting a ticket, emailing, or calling 1-888-267-4140. You can also contact DoorDash Support for any DoorDash related issues.

To make the most of your integration, you’ll need to optimize your menu for online ordering and update your store hours through your POS or the Checkmate Portal. Visit the Checkmate website to determine how you’ll make changes to your ordering platform menus

These POS systems require an additional step to make sure certain menu items are visible with online ordering: 

Order management 

Managing your delivery and pickup orders will happen through Checkmate and your POS. Scheduled orders will appear on your POS when it’s time to prepare the order for delivery or pickup. Learn more about managing orders for your integration with DoorDash. Reach out to Checkmate if you’re experiencing printing delays.

You can contact Checkmate Support directly by submitting a ticket, emailing, or other support methods.

View these Checkmate specific topics on their website:

Checkmate FAQ  

How can I add items or modifiers that are missing from my new menu?

You can add menu items and modifiers directly in the Checkmate Menu Management Portal. This adds your menu updates to the queue so the Checkmate menu updates team can complete it. Checkmate will notify you in 24-48 hours when the items have been added, and your DoorDash menu will be updated instantly.

How do I deactivate or 86 items and modifiers from my menu?

You can deactivate a menu item or modifier directly from the Checkmate Menu Management Portal by following these step-by-step instructions. Your DoorDash menu will update instantly after changes are made. 

Why are my order tickets not printing?

Most DoorDash orders will automatically appear on your POS and print based on item prep time. If a DoorDash order is placed but doesn’t appear on your POS, the Checkmate Support team will contact you to notify you about the order and verify your ability to complete it before a Dasher arrives. In some cases, orders may take a little longer to appear on your POS because of menu changes or system outages.

Changing your POS router settings can cause tickets to stop printing to your kitchen. You can fix this by adjusting the printer routing settings in your POS settings or contacting your POS support team. Contact Checkmate Support if your POS provider is unable to resolve the issue. Experiencing this issue with Toast? Learn how to troubleshoot order printing on Toast POS.

Can I have menu items that are only available during certain hours?

Yes! If you have menu items that require certain hours, please contact Checkmate at so they can help guide you on setting up a separate menu.

Can I use dual pricing for pickup or delivery with Checkmate?

Yes, learn how to set up dual pricing based on your POS provider.

How can I use self-delivery instead of Dashers?

Notify your Checkmate representative during onboarding that you want to use your own delivery fleet and provide them with the maximum delivery radius. Checkmate and DoorDash will set up self-delivery before your store is activated.

If your store is already live and receiving orders through the Checkmate integration, contact the DoorDash POS Support team directly by calling 855-222-8111 or submitting a request through the “Help” section of your DoorDash Merchant Portal.

How do I manage canceled orders and refunds?

You can view and manage order cancellations in the DoorDash Merchant Portal or the Order Manager app. Checkmate can’t receive order cancellation notifications and you won’t be able to see notifications on your POS. To account for canceled orders, reopen the order and refund it on your POS to account. Once DoorDash receives a merchant order confirmation, you’ll be paid out regardless of when the customer canceled the order. The refund amount will vary depending on how far along an order was before cancellation.

Learn how to switch your DoorDash order protocol.


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