Managers are always looking for ways to keep a steady stream of revenue, especially during the current economic environment. Incorporating a food delivery service can be an easy way to give you the food sales you need to continue running a successful restaurant. When you include a food delivery service in your business model, you'll be able to adapt to any sudden changes in the marketplace and evolve into a stronger position once life goes back to normal. 

The current global situation has forced restaurants all over the world to temporarily close their dining rooms—something that seemed unthinkable a few months ago. But the advantages of online food delivery offer your restaurant the opportunity to make the most out of a challenging time. Here are a few reasons why food delivery is always good for business: 

1. Reach more customers

One of the food delivery app advantages is the incredible online reach of delivery platforms like DoorDash, which can put your restaurant in front of a wide range of demographics. When you partner with a third party food delivery provider, your restaurant will be instantly included in their restaurant directory. You also have the option of adding DashPass to your delivery service, which is an online subscription for DoorDash consumers. Just by adjusting the available options on a third party delivery platform, your restaurant will be able to increase incremental sales based on your specific needs and budget. 

2. Boost online visibility

You can save on marketing costs when you consider the built-in marketing tools of a third party delivery platform like DoorDash. By partnering with DoorDash, you’ll take advantage of our huge reach and instantly boost your online visibility and SEO without any upfront costs. These new customers can discover your restaurant, browse your menu, and place an order all from the DoorDash app. 

3. Food delivery is convenient for customers 

To stay competitive in today’s on-demand world, restaurant managers should try to cater to consumers’ expectations. And when it comes to convenience, the advantages of online food delivery ticks all the boxes. For one, people can take their time looking over your menu, giving them a chance to really get to know your restaurant and the range of different dishes. Placing an order online is also effortless, with one-step checkout and fast delivery. The average delivery travel time on a DoorDash order is only 37 minutes from when the order is placed to drop-off. Or, you can give your customers different options, such as pick-up only, which allows them to grab and go when they're in the neighborhood. 


4. It's a major trend in the restaurant industry

You should also adapt and adjust your restaurant business plan based on current trends. In this case, more people are choosing food delivery than ever before. Many reports have found that people want to dine at home for the convenience factor, which has consequently increased the percentage of global food delivery sales. The biggest demographic for this trend are millennials - a 2019 report by USB found that millennials are three times as likely to order food delivery than their parents. So it's no surprise that Millennials also spend the highest percentage of their budgets on food delivery service than any other generation.

5. Food delivery apps are affordable

There are many food delivery app advantages when it comes to startup costs. When you partner with a third party delivery platform like DoorDash, you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics. For example, Dashers provide necessary supplies such as insulated hot bags or delivery vehicles.  The delivery drivers are also already trained, so your managers won't need to spend time and effort on that. When you factor in the number of increased food sales along with the minimal amount of effort required to get started, the advantages of food delivery service are easy to see. 

Since your restaurant already has the staff, ingredients, to-go containers and utensils, adding an online delivery service won't take any upfront operating costs out of your budget. Beyond the kitchen, a food delivery platform will take care of all of the ordering and delivering infrastructure so you can continue doing what you do best—make quality food that people will continue to order again and again. 

6. Merchant tools make managing easier

With DoorDash, you have many options for pickup and delivery, making it easy to adjust the platform to fit your needs. You can manage orders through pickup and delivery through the Order Manager App, which can be downloaded onto an Android tablet or a tablet provided by DoorDash at your request. You also have the choice of updating your service area to extend beyond the default radius—an easy change that will help you reach even more customers. 

Another useful feature is to integrate DoorDash with your point of sale system. You’ll be able to automatically send orders from DoorDash directly to your register or kitchen; orders can also be received through email or fax.

What’s more, DoorDash gives you the option of adding photos to your DoorDash menu, which will set your restaurant apart from the competition. You can either send DoorDash your own menu photos or schedule a free photoshoot with a DoorDash photographer.

One of the other food delivery app advantages is our user-friendly interface that allows you to update your business information easily. When you set up your food delivery with DoorDash, we ask for your bank account information so that we can send you direct deposits for no fees through our secure payment system. 

7. More efficient management of peak delivery periods

When it’s busy at your restaurant, every minute counts—which is why your operations need to be as smooth and seamless as possible. The advantages of food delivery apps is that it helps streamline orders since everything is handled online through an efficient online ordering process. 

The automated system also makes it easier for both the customer and the restaurant. When you use our simple online ordering technology, there's a smaller chance of human error. This holds especially true when compared to the traditional method of taking orders by phone and then writing them on a piece of paper, which could easily get lost. By reducing  mistakes, your restaurant will have another way to make more sales and keep customers happy. 

As we’ve outlined, there are many advantages to partnering with a third party provider like DoorDash. Ready to grow your business with DoorDash? Sign up for DoorDash for Merchants today. You can also learn more about the advantages of food delivery for your restaurant on the DoorDash blog

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Andrew McCarthy
Content Lead

Andrew McCarthy is the Senior Content Lead for B2B Marketing at DoorDash (both Merchant and Work divisions) where his mission is to help merchants grow and to make work delicious! Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he has 5 years of experience working in the on-demand delivery space across the United States, Canada, and Australia. When he’s not managing the incredibly talented content team at DoorDash, you’ll find him dining at the hippest local restaurants or ordering ramen from the comfort of his couch.