Delivering more for restaurants

Whether it’s boosting online sales, reaching new customers, increasing profit margins, or getting access to financing, DoorDash is delivering more ways to grow your business.

Delivering more

When you think of DoorDash, you think of delivery — but the DoorDash Merchant Suite is delivering more.

Grow with DoorDash

Unlock the active DoorDash customer base by offering pickup and delivery on the DoorDash app, Marketplace. Plus, increase sales by tapping into DashPass subscribers, who spend and order more on average. Included in every partnership is Storefront: customizable and commission-free online ordering though your site, social media, and Google Search & Maps. Or use On-Demand Delivery to offer delivery from your own app or site by tapping into DoorDash’s network of Dashers. Finally, streamline on-premise operations with Bbot, our in-store digital ordering and payment solution.

Insights you can use

Attract new customers

Sponsored Listings give you prime real estate in the DoorDash app so you get noticed by new customers. Promotions let you offer discounts or free items to encourage customers to place orders, and Storefront promotions use similar incentives to get customers to place commission-free orders directly on your website. Brand Licensing lets you add a revenue stream by selling an established, well-known brand out of your restaurant’s kitchen. 

Mx - Attract New Customers - Advertise

Increase order volume & size

Increase order volume and size (and, as a result, profits) with Promotions that provide customers with discounts or free items only when they reach a specific minimum order size. If you already offer beer, wine, liquor, or cocktails in-store, add alcohol to your DoorDash menu to help increase ticket sizes and reach customers looking to order both food and alcohol.

Mx - Increase orders - Alcohol

Access financing

Take your business to the next level by expanding with DoorDash Capital. Easy, accessible financing can help eligible merchants invest in new equipment, open a new location, hire more employees, and much more. 

Mx - Access Financing - Capital
Man on tablet in back of house

Easily manage your DoorDash store

Merchant tools help you manage your business’s DoorDash operations, finances, and strategy. Analyze sales, process orders, respond to customer reviews, and more. Plus, access 24/7 support through chat, phone, and email and a personal support contact for all your DoorDash needs.

Add commission-free online ordering

Included when you sign up for DoorDash, Storefront allows you to easily set up online ordering and turn your website visitors into customers. All Storefront orders are commission-free and there are no monthly fees — you just pay payment processing.

In-store digital ordering and payment
Bbot powered by DoorDash logo

Add in-store digital ordering and payment 

Bbot uses digital ordering and payment tools like QR code tableside software to make the ordering and fulfillment process easier for restaurants and on-premise customers. Customers can open tabs, add items, and settle their bills digitally, and orders are sent directly to your POS system. 

Host brands in your kitchen

Use your existing space, staff, and equipment to host well-known brands like Milk Bar and Aria in your kitchen. You can earn additional revenue by offering these items to customers on a separate, virtual-only menu on DoorDash.

Bak Kung BBQ Francis Cui

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Frequently asked questions

Restaurants receive a notification when a customer has placed an order. You’ll have the opportunity to accept the order and confirm an estimated prep and delivery time. Then, simply prepare the items and hand them off to a Dasher for delivery, or let customers come to you for Pickup.

Once an order is ready for delivery, a Dasher will arrive at your location to pick up the package before transporting it to the customer. Customers can track order progress through DoorDash’s state-of-the-art logistics platform and tip drivers.

Yes, DoorDash Drive is a white-label delivery product designed specifically for businesses with their own ordering platforms. Accept orders through your own systems, then partner with Dashers for delivery.

Yes, DoorDash offers Self-Delivery, which enables restaurants to accept orders through DoorDash but use their own fleets for fulfillment.

Alcohol delivery with DoorDash is available in a growing number of locations for alcohol retailers and restaurants, subject to local laws and regulations.

Read more frequently asked questions here. You can always contact us as well, or get in touch with support if you’re already a partner.