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How to Grow Online with DashPass

Get access to high-value customers and grow online with DashPass.

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When customers get comfortable with ordering out, it becomes part of their lifestyle. According to our 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, more than half (55%) of consumers choose restaurants they visit often when ordering food delivery or takeout. And 43% of consumers reported placing repeat orders at least once a week. To grow online and increase your sales, consider connecting with DashPass customers who tend to order the most frequently and spend more per order. By enrolling in our Plus or Premier partnership packages, your store becomes a DashPass store, offering these customers $0 delivery fees and reduced service charges. 

What is DashPass?

DashPass is a customer membership program that incentivizes more frequent orders with member-only offers and items, free delivery fees, and lower service fees on eligible orders. Combined with Wolt+ (available in Europe and Japan), DashPass has more than 15 million subscribers.The benefits of DashPass include: 

  • Increased sales: On average, businesses see at least a 30% increase in take-home revenue after one year of offering DashPass. 

  • Get noticed: DashPass stores are highlighted in-app with a special green logo.

  • Reach loyal, frequent customers: On average, DashPass customers order more frequently (and place larger orders) than non-DashPass customers.

Michael Lee

DashPass has helped us to get new and loyal customers – most order 5 out of 7 days a week. DashPass brings me a lot of loyal customers that order regularly.

Michael Lee, Owner, Bon Bon Berry

How do I set up DashPass on the Merchant Portal?

If you’re enrolled in our Plus or Premier partnership packages, you’ll automatically become a DashPass store, which means your store will be marketed to DashPass customers as having a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fees. To automatically have DashPass:

  1. Sign up for DoorDash. 

  2. Select the Plus or Premier partnership package.

  3. Set up your account on the Merchant Portal.

  4. Once you’re live and accepting orders, your restaurant will automatically be tagged and marketed as DashPass eligible.


  1. Log into the Merchant Portal.

  2. Head down to + Add Solutions and click on it.

  3. Scroll down to Grow Online. There you will see DashPass.

  4. Click on + Add Feature. 

  5. Follow the prompts to opt into a plan or upgrade your existing plan.

DoorDash Merchant - DashPass

DashPass FAQ

Is DashPass available for merchants on Self-Delivery?

Yes. With DashPass enabled, eligible customers pay lower fees when they order from you. Because DashPass customers order more often, you’ll likely get more orders and repeat customers.

If you’re ready to connect with DashPass subscribers to grow online, sign up for our Plus or Premium partnership package to have access to customers who order more frequently with higher value orders. 

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