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How to Get Food Influencers to Promote Your Restaurant

Learn strategies to collaborate with food influencers and boost your restaurant's visibility, sales, and brand awareness on social media.

10 min read
Mx Blog - The Most Popular Alcohol Trends 2024 - Toasting with alcohol

What are the Most Popular Drinks for College Students?

If you’re looking to maximize revenue by attracting college students to your bar or restaurant, it’s a good idea to know the best alcohol for college students so that you can serve their needs.

8 min read
Vincent Williams, Tamearra Dyson, and Shawn Lalehzarian speaking on stage at MSS: LA

How to Build an Authentic Restaurant Brand on Social Media

Discover how the owners of The Red Chickz, Souley Vegan, and Honey’s Kettle use social media to build thriving businesses rooted in authenticity.

13 min read

Top 10 Most Popular Holidays for Alcohol Delivery

Planning ahead for 2024's biggest days for alcohol sales can help position your restaurant or liquor store as the go-to business for festive alcoholic beverages.

11 min read
restaurant menu

7 Restaurant Menu Examples: How to Design a Menu that Sells

Get inspired by these restaurant menu examples and learn how to stand out from competitors, attract more customers, and boost sales.

12 min read
Secret Menu Issue 3 Magazine Cover

Secret Menu Issue 3: Philly Brings Its Own

Secret Menu is a celebration of the restaurants that are integral to local communities.

2 min read