Merchant Referral Program

Refer a small business restaurant (75 stores or fewer) and get a $1,000 referral bonus* when they sign up and complete 15 orders in 60 days.

*Subject to Merchant Referral Program Terms & Conditions. View full terms.

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How does the Merchant Referral Program work?


Get permission from the restaurant owner/operator to refer them to DoorDash.


Fill out this simple form and our sales team will work with the referred restaurant to see if DoorDash is the right fit for their business.


Get a $1,000 referral bonus* credited to your Merchant Portal after the referred restaurant completes their first 15 orders within 60 days.

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Which restaurants are eligible for a referral?

You can refer any restaurant that is:

  • A small business (75 stores or fewer)

  • New to DoorDash Marketplace

  • Not owned or operated by you

  • Open and able to fulfill 15 orders within 60 days

Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in the DoorDash Merchant Referral Program, your business must be:

  • A current DoorDash Marketplace partner

  • Located in the US

  • In good standing on the DoorDash platform

To receive a referral bonus from DoorDash, you must submit your referral via this form and the restaurant you refer must:

  • Be a small business (75 stores or fewer)

  • Be new to DoorDash Marketplace

  • Not be owned or operated by you

  • Be located in the U.S.

  • Sign up for DoorDash within 30 days of your referral submission using the same email address you used in the form.

  • Fulfill at least 15 DoorDash orders within 60 days on the platform

You can receive a referral bonus for up to 10 merchants total.

No, multiple store locations of the same business will be deemed one referred merchant only.

If your referral qualifies, you'll receive payment via direct deposit to the bank account you set up in your Merchant Portal settings.

Referral bonuses will be paid out within 60 days of the referral criteria being met. You'll receive the bonus with your regularly scheduled payouts from DoorDash.

Please check with the merchant you referred to see whether or not they signed up within 30 days of your submission, and whether they have completed 15 DoorDash orders within 60 days on the platform. If your referral qualifies, you should receive a direct deposit payment of your referral bonus in your account within 60 days.

All referrals must be submitted before December 31, 2024 (unless the program is terminated earlier). Please check back later to see if the program has reopened.

Please have your referral reach out to DoorDash Merchant Support.

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