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How to Contact DoorDash Merchant Support

You can contact support via email, within the Merchant Portal, or by phone. Getting support via the Merchant Portal is ideal for account issues like menu updates, banking/deposit complications, and portal login difficulties.

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Contact DoorDash Merchant Support

By following these guidelines, DoorDash Merchant Support can help you resolve any issue you may have. Ready to get help quickly? Sign in to the Merchant Portal here.

FRAUD WARNING: There are some fraudsters impersonating food delivery customer service, asking for information to send you a tablet or to update your bank account information. As a best practice, never give out login information or any banking / sensitive information to anyone over the phone or email; we will never ask you to login into a non-DoorDash domain. If you have any concern, please contact DoorDash at the number listed below.

What can Support help me with?

Support can help with:

  • Live Orders: Questions or concerns related to fulfilling live orders, such as making status updates, modifying/canceling a live order, or reporting an item as unavailable

  • Live Order Dasher issues: Questions or concerns related to Dashers on live orders, such as food not being delivered or Dasher behavior

  • General Account Issues: Issues related to managing your account such as store status or reactivation requests

  • Store Management: Questions related to using the Merchant Portal and making menu updates, or issues surrounding Tablet, Printer, and Point of Sale (POS) 

Below we’ll discuss your options to address these issues.

How can I contact support?

You can contact support within the Merchant Portal or by phone.

 How do I submit a Support case through the Merchant Portal?

Getting support via the Merchant Portal is ideal for account issues like menu updates, banking/deposit complications, and more. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to submit a case:

1. Log in to your Merchant Portal with your username and password. 

2. Navigate to the “Help” tab on the left-hand side bar.

3. Submit your case.

Merchant Portal - Contact Merchant Support

Our Support Team will respond within roughly 24 hours

How do I call Support?

Our phone support is available 24/7.

  1. Call one of the following numbers:

    1. US (English and Spanish): 855-222-8111

    2. Canada: 647-957-7219

    3. Canada: (Français): 855-643-8439

    4. Australia: 1-800-958-316

  2. Select Language 

    1. English

    2. French

    3. Spanish

  3. Select option 3 for DoorDash Merchant

  4. You will then be prompted to choose a number based on your issue:

    1. Click 1 for live order support

    2. Click 2 for help with:

      1. General Account Issues

      2. Merchant Portal

      3. Menu Updates

      4. Tablet or Printer

      5. Point of Sale

  5. Clearly provide key issue information such as:

    1. Store Name(s)

    2. Store ID(s) (if known) 

    3. Store Address(es)

Keep in mind, that call wait times can be long. If you are calling during peak meal hours, we suggest contacting Support via the Merchant Portal, or you can contact your Merchant Experience Partner if you have a non-urgent/live issue. 

How do I submit a Support case through the Business Manager App?

  1. Find the Support icon on the bottom navigation. 

  2. If you have access to multiple stores, be sure to select the right store from the dropdown. 

  3. To start a new request, tap General Support and then select the nature of your question in the next screen. 

  4. If you’d like to reopen a previous conversation, you can do so by tapping one of the Recent Messages.

  5.  For any issues with in-progress orders, tap Live Delivery. You can then choose if you’d like to call Support or chat with Support.

How else can I get DoorDash Merchant Support? 

OPTION 1 for US restaurants: Work with your Merchant Experience Partner (MXP)

Merchant Experience Partners are your new personal support contact for all of your DoorDash account needs. They can help with any non-live account issues such as banking and reconciliation, menu updates, and account settings. Learn more about Merchant Experience Partners and how to get in touch with yours today.

 OPTION 2: Utilize the Learning Center 

The Learning Center is your one-stop shop to learn about all DoorDash features, services, and products, and equips you with the educational tools you need to be successful on DoorDash. Whether you have five minutes or a free hour or two, the Learning Center has all the content you need to learn more about our platform.


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