DoorDash Basics

Learn essential Merchant Portal features to help increase sales and overall success on DoorDash

Get Started on DoorDash
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How to Sign Up to Become a DoorDash Merchant

Learn how to get started, set up your store, and begin taking orders in no time.

8 min read
Merchant Portal - Logging In
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How to Log In to the Merchant Portal

Everything you need to know about DoorDash merchant login, such as accessing your account, finding your password, adding new users, and more.

5 min read
Learning Center - Train Your Team
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How to Quickly Train Your Team to Use DoorDash

Your team is an integral part of your business — which is why we want to help you set them up for success. In this article, we’ll cover the basic skills your staff needs, including how to accept and process orders, address common problems and follow best practices.

4 min read
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How Staff Tips Work on DoorDash

Everything you need to know about staff tips on DoorDash.

3 min read
Store Management

How to Operate and Manage Your Store on DoorDash

Learn about DoorDash's tech tools, including the Merchant Portal, DoorDash Tablet, Business Manager app, and POS Integration.

7 min read
How to use the Merchant Portal - Navigation
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How to Navigate the Merchant Portal

Learn the basics of navigating the Merchant Portal and where to find the different sections you’ll need to manage your store.

16 min read