Manage Orders

Learn how you can view your orders and manage them live

Mx - Learning Center - Receive an Order
Manage Orders

How to Receive Orders on Your DoorDash Tablet

Learn how to manually or automatically receive orders through your tablet.

5 min read
Mx - Learning Center - Adjust Existing Order on Your Tablet
Manage Orders

How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet

Now you can easily adjust an order using your DoorDash Tablet.

5 min read
Learn how to get a DoorDash Merchant refund.
Manage Orders

How to Understand and Dispute Error Charges in the Merchant Portal

Learn why you received a charge, where to find these charges in the Merchant Portal, and more.

13 min read
DoorDash Merchant - Manage Orders
Manage Orders

How to Manage Orders on DoorDash

Learn how you can prepare your orders and manage them live, such as updating your pickup instructions, fulfilling an order, and canceling a live order–all on the Merchant Portal.

12 min read
Merchant Portal - View Orders
Manage Orders

How to Find Customer Orders on the Merchant Portal

Learn how you can review your order history, provide Dasher feedback, and determine whether you were paid for a cancellation–all on the Merchant Portal.

12 min read
women picking up food order with doordash
Manage Orders

How to Avoid Avoidable Wait

Sometimes Dashers have to wait for orders to be ready. Here’s how to minimize that wait time.

3 min read