Manage Orders

Learn how you can view your orders and manage them live

Manage Orders

Fall 2023 Updates: 5 New Features Your Team Can Start Using Today

Based on your feedback, we’ve launched new features to help your team.

5 min read
Manage Orders

How to Switch Your Order Protocol on DoorDash

Choosing the right order protocol for your business could help increase efficiency.

5 min read
Manage Orders

How to Manage Orders for Your DoorDash Integration

Find out when you can manage orders through DoorDash, and when you’ll need to contact your POS integration provider for support.

3 min read
DoorDash Merchant - Manage Orders
Manage Orders

How to Manage DoorDash Orders

Learn how you can prepare your DoorDash orders and manage them live, including updating your pickup instructions, fulfilling an order, and canceling a live order.

12 min read
Mx - Learning Center - Receive an Order
Manage Orders

How to Receive Orders on Your DoorDash Tablet

Learn how to manually or automatically receive orders through your tablet.

5 min read
Mx - Learning Center - Adjust Existing Order on Your Tablet
Manage Orders

How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet

Now you can easily adjust an order using your DoorDash Tablet.

5 min read