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How to Navigate the Merchant Portal

Learn the basics of navigating the Merchant Portal and where to find the different sections you’ll need to manage your store using the dashboard.

17 min read
How to use the Merchant Portal - Navigation

What you’ll learn

The first step in managing your business on DoorDash is to easily navigate through your account. In this course, you’ll learn where to:

  • Access your main dashboard: 2 min

  • Get insights into your business operations: 2 min

  • View order history details: 1 min

  • Utilize marketing features: 2 min

  • Edit your menu: 2 min

  • Find store info: 1 min

  • Input your business hours: 1 min

  • View your bank account information: 1 min

  • Check your financials: 2 min

  • Manage users: 1 min

  • Update your settings: 2 min 

Why is this important?

Whether it’s finding financial statements or updating your store’s info, the Merchant Portal has everything you need in order to best showcase your store to DoorDash’s over 25 million active users

How to Navigate the Merchant Portal


Once you’ve logged into the Merchant Portal, the first section you’ll see is Dashboard. In the left hand column, you can see a table of contents of all the sections within the Merchant Portal.

Merchant Portal - Main Dashboard View

On the main Dashboard page, you’ll have a store overview that includes:

1. Opportunities

2. Sales

3. Total Orders 

4. Average Ticket Price

When you scroll down the page, In the top-left drop-down menu, you can filter the information you see on the Dashboard by time.

Merchant Portal Dashboard - Filter

Here you can view:

  • A graph overview or you can select to view the graph for individual products

  • Key Operation Quality metrics

  • Metrics of Customers that are purchasing your products

On the upper right blue button you can Create a Report. This feature enables you to build a report in two steps:

  • Choose a report type (Sales, Operations, or Financials)

  • Customize your report

    • Choose a time frame

    • Choose a view

    • Choose time granularity

Merchant Portal - Report Builder


Operations Quality

This section shows you how good of an experience you are providing your customers. 

The first thing you’ll see is Areas requiring your attention. These metrics show areas where there is room for improvement.

Merchant Portal - Operations Quality

By scrolling down you’ll go into Areas on track. This includes information on:

  • Wait time: Total amount of time Dashers wait for orders at your store.

  • Cancellations: Orders that were not prepared, picked up, or delivered.

  • Order accuracy: A measure of orders reported with missing or incorrect items.

  • Ratings: A measure of how you are rated by your customers on DoorDash.

Merchant Portal - Areas On Track

Menu Performance

In this subsection, you can view your menu performance and discover opportunities to increase sales.

Merchant Portal - Menu Performance

As you scroll down you’ll find the Product Mix, which shows your most popular items and total sales for each.

Merchant Portal - Most Popular Products

Customer Feedback

This tab enables you to have an overview of customer feedback as well as detailed individual reviews that can provide much more comprehensive insights on your store experience.



This tab enables you to track orders from every channel in real-time and has three sub-tabs that give you further insights:

  • Active

  • Scheduled

  • History

Merchant Portal - Orders


Run a campaign

This section is separated into goal categories:

  • New customer growth: Attract new customers who have never ordered from you before

    • Advertise to customers

    • Discount for new customers

    • First order with $0 delivery fee

  • Attract all customers: Boost order frequency from new and return customers

    • Advertise to customers

    • Discount for new customers

    • Discount for lapsed customers

    • Pay customer’s delivery fee

    • Offer free or discounted items

Merchant Portal - Marketing

Campaign reporting

When you’re running a DoorDash promotion you can view metrics on how your marketing campaign is doing.

Merchant Portal - Campaign Reporting


Your menu is separated into the different categories you select. The most popular categories are:

  • Appetizers

  • Entrees

  • Dessert

  • Beverages

In this section you can select an individual product and choose to take one of the following actions:

  • Edit: Change the product’s name, price, item description, and tax rate

  • Edit modifiers & settings: Add/Edit modifiers to existing items

  • Deactivate: Use this option if you run out of a product you offer

Merchant Portal - Menu

Store Availability

Here you can check your store status, update store hours, or add special hours and closures.

Menu hours

You can have multiple menus in this section such as breakfast and lunch or an all-day menu and adjust the specific times for each, so customers can know what they can order and when.

Special closures/hours

This section enables you to select specific times your business will operate during holidays.

With the blue Pause button you can choose to pause your store immediately.

Merchant Portal - Store Closures and Availability

Bank Account

Here you will find a summary of your Banking Information. In this section, you can update key banking information such as:

  • Company name

  • Tax ID

  • Bank account details 

Merchant Portal - Banking


Orders breakdown

This section gives you insights into the total number of orders and estimated payout during a specific period of time you can input into the fields at the top.

Merchant Portal - Orders Breakdown


This section gives you the finalized payment data for your scheduled payouts and the finalized order level detail included in the payout. This should be the data used when you are conducting your regular financial reconciliation. You can select a period of time from the drop-down menu to view your payouts.

Merchant Portal - Payouts


These are your monthly statements based on your business activity. Monthly statements are available by the 5th day of each month.

Merchant Portal - Statements

Manage Users

Add or manage employees and store managers. When you add a new user you can select one of the following options:

  • Business Admin

  • Store Manager

  • Store Operator

Merchant Portal - Manage Users


Edit or input key information that will help run your store smoothly.

  • Account name

  • Contact information

  • Email preferences

  • Pickup settings

    • Dasher pickup instructions

    • Customer pickup instructions

    • Staff tips for pickup orders

  • Rates and fees

  • Other rates and fees

  • Daily payouts

Merchant Portal - Settings


Merchant Learning

Merchant Learning