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How to View Customer Reviews in the Merchant Portal

Everything you need to know about how the Customer Reviews tab works–from ratings trends to viewing feedback.

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DoorDash Customer Reviews - Merchant Portal

When you keep your customers happy, you ensure they come back and ultimately increase your business growth. In fact, responding to customer feedback can increase reorder rates by up to 17%. By using the Customer Reviews tab, you can stay on top of what your customers want. 

What information can I see in the Customer Reviews tab?

Transparent customer feedback allows stores to better understand their unique customer experience. The Customer Reviews tab can be found in the left column navigation (under Insights). If you have access to multiple stores, you can find this tab at either the business level or individual store-level dashboard.

What type of customer reviews are available?

Customers leave two types of feedback:

  • Food quality feedback: Customers rate the food they’ve ordered. 

  • Menu quality: Customers report an issue with the menu during the ordering process — inaccurate photos or descriptions, not being able to customize an item or an in-store menu item “missing” from the online menu.

1. Find the Customer Reviews tab in the left column navigation (under Insights).

Customer Reviews DoorDash

2. To observe trends, select a time period (last 7 days, this week, this month, last week, last month, or customize the dates going back up to 90 days).

3. If you have access to multiple stores, you can choose to view feedback for all stores or a subset for comparison.

Customer Trends - Merchant Portal

4. The right-hand side shows your average rating and number of ratings received, for the time-period selected and the store(s) selected.

5. Find the Lifetime Rating: This will be displayed in the top right hand corner and is the number displayed on your store on your store page in the DoorDash app for customers to see, and reflects your store’s average rating since being activated as a partner on the DoorDash platform.

Merchant Portal - In App Rating

How do I view my store’s feedback?

Once you are in the Customer Reviews tab and have selected a time period, you’ll be able to filter feedback that will appear on the right column of your screen.

1. Your most recent customer reviews will be displayed first. The date shown refers to when the feedback was left (most, not all, feedback is left within 24 hours of the order).

2. You can filter reviews by Ratings or Tag.

  • Ratings refers to the star rating (1-5) received.

  • Visibility means “public” or “private” reviews. When customers leave reviews, they have the choice to leave it on your store page for other customers to see, or just share it with you.

  • Has comment allows you to see the star ratings accompanied by a comment left by the customer.

Merchant Portal - Filter by Rating

How do I respond to feedback?

The Customer Reviews tab is your tool to connect with customers directly. You have up to 7 days to respond to new messages, although we recommend responding within 24 hours.

1. Under each review, click on Respond

Responding to customer - Merchant Portal

2. You can select a template from the dropdown or start typing a custom response to the review.

3. Choose if you’d like to gift the customer a discount off of their next order from your restaurant.

4. Click Send.