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Provide your customers with same-day alcohol delivery while maintaining compliance with local alcohol delivery laws and regulations.

How does alcohol delivery work?

Reach different audiences with customizable offerings

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Our team of specialists will reach out to verify your retail alcohol permit and get you set up as an alcohol delivery partner on DoorDash.

Track live orders

Receive and fulfil orders

Customers can browse your store or restaurant on DoorDash and place orders. Then, package orders for same-day delivery or pickup.

Built-in compliance

Ensure compliance

Customers agree to validate their age when purchasing alcohol. Dashers verify customer IDs through the DoorDash app when delivering.

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Grow your business

Market your store on DoorDash and connect with thousands of new customers in your neighborhood looking for beer, wine and liquor delivery. Use tools like DashPass and targeted promotions to increase revenue. If you're a restaurant already on DoorDash, add alcohol offerings to your menu.

Quick, efficient delivery

Get alcohol to customers at today's speed of life. DoorDash's average delivery time is under 35 minutes, and with DoorDash’s alcohol delivery service, you'll save on staffing, as there's no need to hire or train delivery drivers.

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Savemore Market & Liquors Owner

"DoorDash brings you new customers from outside your regulars, and it’s extra revenue for your business."

Omar Korin
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Frequently asked questions

DoorDash Marketplace helps alcohol retailers connect with local customers, and facilitates delivery through DoorDash’s world-class logistics platform. We help retailers with beer and wine delivery, retail liquor sales, and more.

Alcohol retailers can also offer a la carte delivery via DoorDash Drive, delivery from their own app or online ordering website via a seamless integration that taps into DoorDash's network of Dashers.

In states with strict county wet/dry laws, such as Kentucky and Texas, alcohol delivery is limited to and from specific areas. Please contact our team for more information.

If you’re a restaurant, log in to add alcohol to your offerings. Availability of wine, beer and spirits delivery for restaurants varies by local state and province regulations.

Dashers are prompted to scan the front of a customer’s ID with the DoorDash app to verify their identity prior to handing off and completing the delivery. After verifying the customer’s identity and checking for any signs of intoxication, the delivery may be completed. Customers will also be reminded that they must be at the door with a valid ID when the delivery is being made. 

Alcohol retailers partner with available, eligible Dashers to deliver wine, beer and spirits to local customers.

Dashers must be of legal drinking age to be assigned an alcohol order, usually at least 21 years of age. 

Some jurisdictions have additional requirements for Dashers, such as an alcohol safety course.  Where those requirements are in place, DoorDash ensures only eligible Dashers who have completed those steps are assigned to alcohol delivery orders.

Customers are able to find and browse your store through the DoorDash app or website, or your own website with Storefront, and select items to purchase—similar to any other DoorDash order. At checkout, however, the customer is served an alcohol warning and must agree to age verification terms. These terms state that the order recipient is of legal drinking age in their jurisdiction and will present a valid government ID when receiving the order.

Once the Dasher arrives, the customer presents their government ID, which is scanned or manually entered by the Dasher to verify the age of the recipient. The law requires that Dashers not deliver the order if: the customer is not of legal drinking age in that jurisdiction, their ID is expired, the photo doesn’t match the person, or they appear to be intoxicated. 

Only customers who are of legal drinking age in the jurisdiction, have a valid non-expired photo ID, and are not visibly intoxicated, are eligible to buy alcohol through DoorDash.

DoorDash facilitates a variety of alcohol deliveries, including liquor delivery, beer delivery and wine delivery. Whether you’re a wine shop looking for a wine delivery service, or a convenience store looking to partner for quick liquor delivery in your area, DoorDash has you covered.