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How to Manage Orders on DoorDash

Learn how you can prepare your orders and manage them live, such as updating your pickup instructions, fulfilling an order, and canceling a live order–all on the Merchant Portal.

12 min read
DoorDash Merchant - Manage Orders

What you’ll learn

Creating a positive order experience is the first step to building repeat delivery customers. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Update pickup instructions: 5 min

  • Check customer order pickup: 1 min

  • Mark an item out of stock: 2 min

  • Cancel a live order: 3 min

  • Call a customer or a Dasher: 1 min

Why is it important to create a smooth order experience?

Offering customers a positive order experience leads to better ratings and customer loyalty — both important drivers of growth on DoorDash. A negative customer experience can lead to error charges and customer dissatisfaction, which can negatively impact your success on DoorDash.

How do I give Dasher and customer pickup instructions?

Share clear Dasher or Customer instructions to help speed up pickup and delivery orders. Add these instructions on the Merchant Portal

Dasher pickup instructions

Do you have a designated spot for Dashers or prefer they avoid a particular area of your restaurant? Explain how you’d like Dashers to pick up their order(s).

1. In the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Settings section.


2. Click the Edit button to edit Dasher Pickup Instructions.

3. Select the option that fits your needs from the drop-down menu. Then fill out the Pickup and Upon Arrival instructions with specific details.


4. Click Save.

Customer pickup instructions

1. In the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Settings section. 


2. Click Edit to add Customer Pickup Instructions.

3. Write clear and concise instructions for your customers.

4. Click Save.

How can I tell if the customer is picking up the order via my tablet?

If the customer’s order is for Pickup, you can view it on the Merchant Portal. Here’s how:

1. In the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Orders section. 

2. Within this window you will be able to see:

  • Orders that need action

  • Orders that are ready for pickup

  • Order history

 3. Look under the Status column for “Scheduled Pickup” to see your pickup orders with the estimated time under the Time column.


How do I temporarily deactivate an item that is out of stock via the Business Manager App?

Run out of an item? You can temporarily deactivate it from your menu using the Menu Manager in your Merchant Portal.

1. In the Orders window, click on the active order in question.

2. Select Out of stock to indicate it is an out of stock issue. 

3. On the next window, you’ll select which item or modifier is out of stock. 

4. Click on Next to choose how long it will be out of stock — hours, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. The item will automatically be made available after the selected time. 

5. Tap Next to chat with Support. They’ll get in touch with the customer to confirm if they want to replace the out-of-stock item or remove the item.


What can I do if I need to cancel a live order?

Whether an item is out of stock or there is a kitchen incident, sometimes you may be unable to fulfill an order. If you need to cancel, please contact Support or call us at: 

  • United States - 855-973-1040 

  • Canada - 647-957-7219 

  • Australia - 1800 958 316 

You will then be able to speak with a live representative to cancel the needed order. Our Support Team will then notify the customer that their order has been canceled.

Canceling a live order on your tablet

1. In the Merchant Portal, navigate to the Orders section.

2. Tap on Issue with Order at the top right of the order screen.

LC-Tablet-Issue-with-order-EN@2x (2)

3. Select Cancel Order to see the Support contact numbers.

How to cancel an order on your DoorDash tablet.

How do I contact a customer or a Dasher on the Business Manager App?

1. Tap the phone icon by the Dasher's or customer's name. 

2. If you need to make any requested order changes after contacting them, you can do so by chatting with the Support team through the Contact Support button at the top right.



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