There are many benefits to partnering with a third-party restaurant delivery service like DoorDash. Along with providing delivery resources for restaurants such as trained drivers and online ordering technology, DoorDash can help you attract new customers with effective marketing tools. You'll gain access to customer data and insights in our Merchant Portal that can help you adjust your business plan to meet the needs of your guests. For more information on creating a restaurant business plan, check out our blog How to Write a Winning Business Plan. 

Benefits of partnering with a third-party food delivery service

When you partner with DoorDash, your menu and website will be featured on our wide-reaching platform, giving your restaurant instant brand exposure and jumpstarting your online presence. Using DoorDash to reach new customers can bring in more orders while adding virtually no extra costs. That means restaurants can make up to 60% profit on incremental orders, compared to about 10% on regular orders. As the fastest-growing third-party food delivery service in North America (and quickly expanding in other countries around the world), DoorDash is an easy way to grow your business.

How to partner with a food delivery app

If you're wondering how to partner with a food delivery app, it's easier than you think. In this step-by-step guide, we've outlined everything you need to know about how to partner with DoorDash and leverage an affordable and effective way to maximize revenue with minimal effort.


How the platform works

DoorDash is a delivery service platform that connects local consumers with local restaurants. The online ordering technology and marketing tools we provide help restaurants reach new customers while also streamlining delivery operations .

Most restaurants already offer to-go orders, which is why partnering with a third-party food delivery service is an easy and cost-effective step for small businesses. As a restaurant, you likely already have take-out boxes and ingredients available for to-go orders. Partnering with DoorDash won’t require any additional startup costs because your delivery drivers are contracted independently by DoorDash. Restaurant managers are not responsible for training and hiring drivers, which would otherwise be another expense. 

The DoorDash online ordering technology also makes the delivery process easy and convenient for both customers and the restaurant staff. Customers place orders through or the DoorDash app. The restaurant can choose to receive these orders via email, fax, the DoorDash Order Manager app on a tablet, or through their POS system. DoorDash takes care of all the ordering logistics, including payment, and restaurants receive weekly direct deposits for all orders.

Factor in food delivery service with your restaurant’s P&L 

Be sure to track how signing up for a third-party food delivery service impacts your profit and loss statement (P&L). Based on this information, you'll be able to create an actionable plan that will help you achieve financial stability and grow your business. For more information on analyzing your restaurant’s P&L statement, check out our comprehensive guide on P&L reports, Understanding Your Restaurant’s Profit and Loss Statements, which explains everything you need to know. 


How to analyze customer data in the Merchant Portal

When you partner with DoorDash, you'll have access to our Merchant Portal, which allows you to easily track customer data. For a detailed sales report, click on the Export Data tab and select a specific week to export detailed sales transactions. With this information, you'll be able to analyze the profit and loss of your delivery and takeout business and make adjustments so that you're staying on budget. 

You can also use these reports to determine if your restaurant is getting steady revenue from food delivery through DoorDash, and helps you better understand your customer preferences. You can then adjust your hours of operation, staffing, and menu items based on this customer data to create a better customer experience, which will result in repeat customers and a steady stream of revenue. 

How to set up your DoorDash account

The user-friendly interface at DoorDash makes it easy for restaurants to sign up for online delivery. Restaurants can sign up at, where you’ll choose how your restaurant will receive orders, upload your menu, and enter information about your business, including your hours and direct deposit information. 

To receive online orders on options other than POS systems, you will receive a text message with instructions for self-activation once your merchant application has been approved. To receive online orders on your POS system, confirm with your POS provider whether they have a partnership with DoorDash. 

Easy account management

After activating your DoorDash account, you'll be able to easily manage your food delivery service with the Merchant Portal. Simply log in to your account and review options on the left-hand side. Toggle the appropriate tab to confirm the accuracy of menu pricing, pictures, and descriptions. 

We understand how important it is to make a lasting impression on potential customers, especially among other competing restaurants. That’s why DoorDash allows you to upload your own menu item photos or schedule a free photoshoot with a professional DoorDash photographer. You can also use the Merchant Portal to update essential information, including your bank account and tax ID along with other information such as business hours and days, special store closures and holidays. 

For more information on restaurant industry trends and tips to grow your business, please visit the DoorDash blog and read up on how to fun a successful food delivery business. 

Ready to boost your revenue with a third-party food delivery service? Sign up for DoorDash for Merchants today. If you have additional questions, check out our Account Set Up FAQS and other helpful info in our Restaurant Resources section