Increase orders with promotions

Attract new and repeat customers with promotions that entice them to order and spend more per order. Select merchants can try promotions with $100 credit per store.*

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Customer pickup orders kitchen bags

Stand out from the crowd

Drive more sales

Drive more sales

On average, stores that run promotions see a 20% increase in sales.**

Reach different audiences with customizable offerings

Customize your offers

Target new, existing, and/or lapsed customers with a discount or offer that fits your business goals.

Get noticed

Get discovered

Your business will be featured on homepage carousels, Happy Hour, and the Offers tab and tagged with a promotion badge.


How it works

Incentivize new, existing, and/or lapsed customers to order from your store with a discount, free delivery, or a discounted or free item. When you run a promotion, your business will be prominently featured to your target audience in the Offers tab on the DoorDash app. Get step-by-step instructions and learn best practices for how to create, customize, and optimize DoorDash marketing campaigns.

Explore DoorDash promotions

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Discounts for Customers

Attract new customers or win back lapsed ones with a percentage or dollar amount discount.

Deals Fill

$0 Delivery Fee

Entice customers by covering the delivery fee when they place an order from your business. 

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Free or Discounted Item

Increase margins with a free or discounted item from your offerings.

Get started with a free marketing credit

Act now to get up to $100 in promotion credit* when you sign up and run your first “Discount for Customers” campaign. Not sure where to start? We’ll set up your first campaign for you so you can start driving efficient results, fast.

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Reach more customers with in-app advertising

Get more people to discover your promotion by also running an ad on DoorDash. You only pay for ads when an order is placed through it  – you aren’t charged for clicks or impressions. Restaurants grew sales by 2.2x when they ran a promotion and ad together on DoorDash, compared to just a promotion.***


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you’re a DoorDash partner, log into the Merchant Portal and navigate to the Marketing tab.

  • Select “Create Campaign” and choose the campaign type based on your goals.

  • Customize your promotion details, set a duration, select participating stores, then launch your campaign.

After your campaign is live, view its performance in the Marketing tab in the Merchant Portal. You can make adjustments or end your campaign at any time.

Your target audience will see your promotion when they visit your store on DoorDash in homepage carousels and your store page, as well as in the “Browse” and “Offers” tabs of the DoorDash app — the go-to destination for discovering current promotions and discounts from nearby businesses on DoorDash.

You can target new, existing, lapsed, or all customers in your delivery area by selecting from the following promotions:

No, you don't. Promotions are designed for busy merchants with varying levels of marketing experience. Visit the Marketing tab in the Merchant Portal and we’ll guide you through the creation of your promotion. Once your promotion is live, you’ll easily be able to make adjustments and monitor its performance in the Merchant Portal.

You only pay for confirmed orders placed through your promotion. That means your marketing dollars result in actual sales — not just clicks or impressions.

Here is an example cost structure for a promotion on DoorDash: Cost of delivery (e.g. $4.99) or Customer discount ($ or % off) + DoorDash Marketing fee = overall cost per order.

Your commission rate is applied to the order subtotal, less free items / discounts. Subtotal is defined as the sum of the Marketplace order pre-tax.

Check out the Learning Center for answers to any questions you have about ads and promotions on DoorDash.

*This is a limited-time offer for select merchants in the US valid until terminated by DoorDash; DoorDash may end this offer at any time. Eligible merchants will see the offer available in the Marketing tab in DoorDash's Merchant Portal. Stores that have previously participated in Promotions are not eligible for the credit. After the $100 credit is consumed per store, merchants will be automatically charged for the remainder of the campaigns per store. No cash value. Non-transferable.

**Internal DoorDash Data, February - July 2022. Results are averages across partners. Actual results may vary based on campaign setup.

***Based on a DoorDash study of more than 47,000 small and mid-market restaurants that ran only ads, only promos, or both on DoorDash, in April 2023.