If you’re wondering how to create extra restaurant revenue streams for your business, we've outlined exactly how food delivery platforms, along with other tried-and-true strategies, can help. Incorporating these marketing tactics is especially crucial on days when external factors such as bad weather, seasonality, nearby competition and the like can cause a decrease in foot traffic. Here's how you can use the DoorDash platform and other marketing tools to increase restaurant revenue with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness:

Improve the Customer Experience With a Top Food Delivery Platform

Any marketing expert will tell you that understanding the customer journey is key to increasing restaurant revenue streams. First of all, it’s essential to understand the many different reasons why people need to order food delivery from your restaurant. From uncontrollable situations like bad weather to the proverbial longest day at work, customers need food delivered to their doors, and they need it fast. When your restaurant offers food delivery platforms like DoorDash, it gives customers the convenience they need to order quality food without having to make a fuss. With the DoorDash delivery app, your restaurant is easily accessible from any smartphone or by the web, making lunch or dinner delivery as easy as a few taps on their screens. 

Another plus with the DoorDash platform is that it gives your customers lots of options. For instance, people are given a pickup option automatically, which allows them to grab their food and go quickly. On your end, it helps to increase revenue stream with additional pick up orders. In fact, DoorDash and our built-in marketing tools will give you 14% more online visibility and impressions in-app. Offering convenient food delivery with DoorDash will also help boost restaurant revenue streams because food delivery brings in more orders, which can grow your business with incremental orders along with regular dine-in customers. 

Use the DoorDash App To Reach New Customers 

Restaurants offering food delivery as one of their services is nothing new; food delivery service has been around for decades as a way to satisfy loyal customers and also bringing in new ones. With DoorDash, we take food delivery to a whole new level. By simply signing up for DoorDash, you can build a strong online presence with minimal effort. What you'll get with DoorDash is an incredible amount of online exposure, allowing your restaurant and menu to be seen by a wide range of demographics, including millennials, baby boomers, and business to business opportunities such as catering.


Develop a Creative, All-Inclusive Menu

As a restaurant owner, making the flavor & presentation of your food a top priority is what will help give you a competitive edge in the industry. It might seem obvious, but research shows that it’s an essential component of your overall business plan. In a recent survey, 79% of diners reported that taste is the main factor in deciding where to eat. Staying on top of industry trends is paramount, but flavor and presentation are still a major factor in staying competitive and boosting restaurant revenue streams. 

Lunch and dinner are more than basic nourishment and satisfying hunger cravings. It's an experience, a time to enjoy the comfort of delicious food that is made with thoughtfulness, lots of effort, and a passion for culinary delights. Eating a meal is also a wonderful way to spend time with friends, family, and coworkers while making a lifetime of beautiful memories. 

Since eating a meal is such an enjoyable activity, whether in solitude or with others, consider offering healthy menu options that appeal to a wide range of demographics, such as vegans, vegetarians, and those with gluten sensitivities or food allergies; consider including dishes for Paleo and Keto diets. Not only do we recommend including specialty menu items for specific diets, but do it with the same care and attention that you apply to the making of any other dishes. 

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As a restaurant owner or manager, you probably already know that the key to creating any type of food with incredible flavor is the quality of sauces and dressings. If you can make food taste amazing, anybody will eat - and very much enjoy - vegan or vegetarian meals, which also goes for low carb dishes. And the incredible flavors will be duly noted by both vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores, who will then tell their friends, post their exceptional experience online, write reviews singing the praises of your restaurant, and so on.

When you feature an extensive menu at your restaurant, people from all walks of life will appreciate that you took the time to create meals that they can eat and enjoy with friends and family or as takeout for a cozy night in the comfort of their homes. After all, when somebody is sticking to a special diet, they shouldn’t have to feel left out - just as you shouldn't shut the door on people with particular eating preferences or food sensitivities, which can be additional revenue drivers for restaurants. 

Offer Food Delivery Specials & Discounts 

People love the convenience of food delivery, and they are also likely to take advantage of special mobile discounts and offers. One report found that 63% of diners view discounts and promotions on digital platforms as an effective way to offer them spending incentives and freebies. It might cost a small amount upfront, but in the long run, it can be one of the most effective revenue drivers for a restaurant.  And with the DoorDash platform, we make it easy to incorporate deals and promotions with food delivery service. 

For new customers mulling over whether or not to try food delivery with your restaurant, the Try Me Free option allows you the option of covering the delivery fee for first-time customers. You can also join DashPass, which allows your restaurant to participate in our free delivery subscription service. Another easy way to increase restaurant revenue streams, DashPass subscribers account for 18% of restaurant sales, which is expected to increase by 30% in the near future.

Sell Restaurant Merchandise

Offering merchandise helps boost brand awareness of your restaurant while also allowing customers to connect with your unique brand identity and values. For instance, if one of your menu items comes with a secret family recipe sauce, you could bottle it and sell it to people; that way, they can enjoy the same incredible flavors on all their favorite foods at home. A cookbook featuring step-by-step instructions on how to make the same legendary dishes on your menu is another great way to increase your restaurant’s visibility. Even better, it also gives you additional revenue streams for your restaurant. 

No doubt eating out is a big part of social life, but eating in with friends and family has become even more revered as a way to celebrate special occasions. With the ever-increasing popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs on TV, people want to learn how to cook their favorite dishes at home. Creating a cookbook of different menu items from your restaurant will boost your reputation and consequently bring in more diners and food delivery orders. 

Try incorporating these easy yet effective marketing strategies into your restaurant business plan for an increase in revenue stream that exponentially grows your business. 

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Andrew McCarthy
Content Lead

Andrew McCarthy is the Senior Content Lead for B2B Marketing at DoorDash (both Merchant and Work divisions) where his mission is to help merchants grow and to make work delicious! Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he has 5 years of experience working in the on-demand delivery space across the United States, Canada, and Australia. When he’s not managing the incredibly talented content team at DoorDash, you’ll find him dining at the hippest local restaurants or ordering ramen from the comfort of his couch.