Commission-free online ordering on your website

Easily set up a restaurant online ordering system and turn your website visitors into customers with Storefront, included in every DoorDash partnership.

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restaurant online ordering system

Make your website your most profitable channel

commission-free online ordering


No monthly fees or commissions. Just payment processing. Seriously.

direct online ordering from restaurants

Branding that’s yours

Customize Storefront with your own logo, branding, and color scheme.

easy to use restaurant online ordering

Easily process orders

Storefront orders are sent directly to your DoorDash tablet or POS provider.

How it works

Add your Storefront link to your website, social media, Yelp page, and Google Business Profile to generate commission-free online orders. Delivery orders will be fulfilled by Dashers and pickup orders will be collected in your store by customers. 

tablet for off-premises orders

Integrate with your existing systems

Receive and manage Storefront orders through your DoorDash tablet, POS system, or however you choose to process online orders. Plus, integrate with loyalty or gift card programs to gain loyal customers. There’s no need to train your staff on anything new.

How to set up Storefront for online ordering

Set up commission-free delivery and pickup ordering on your website in three easy steps.


Sign up for DoorDash

Get started with DoorDash Marketplace. Storefront is included in all partnership plans.


Customize your Storefront

In the Merchant Portal, add Storefront and start customizing your online ordering website.


Share with your customers

Add your Storefront link to your website, social media, email newsletters, and more.

Storefront Order with Google

Turn Google searches into sales

Receive Storefront orders directly through Google Search and Maps, at no additional cost. Restaurants using Order with Google saw a 21% average increase in commission-free orders per store over a one-month period, based on December 2021 sales for all US Storefront merchants using this integration.

Order with Google integration Storefront
Mx - Storefront - Storefront Promotions

Boost orders with Storefront promotions

Encourage orders on your website and increase commission-free sales with custom promotions. Use our easy setup process to choose your target audience and promotion type, including percentage off menu items, $0 delivery fee, or discounts for large orders. 

"We were able to grow our off-premise sales by 62% with Storefront."

Trenton Williams
Owner, Honey’s Kettle in Los Angeles, CA

From small businesses to national brands, restaurants of all sizes grow with Storefront

  • Souvla logo
  • Triple Beam Pizza
  • Wayback Burgers
  • WNB Factory
  • Lefty's Logo
  • Han Dynasty Logo

Pricing that's simple


Grow your business with Storefront, included in your partnership plan, to generate commission-free online orders directly through your website.


2.9% + $0.30

Payment processing fee

Launch your Storefront

Sign up, customize, and launch your Storefront in less than an hour. Learn how in this video. Need help? Our onboarding team will help you for free. Get started in the Merchant Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setup & Management

If you are an existing DoorDash partner, log in to your Merchant Portal to sign up for Storefront. In less than an hour, you can easily create a ready-to-use Storefront link to immediately add to your website and start accepting orders. And if you need help from DoorDash, it typically takes 2 business days to launch your Storefront.

Yes, you need to be on DoorDash Marketplace in order to use Storefront. Storefront will be included in whatever DoorDash Partnership Plan you choose.

Log in to the Merchant Portal, then click Add Storefront to sign up for Storefront. Customize your Storefront online ordering system with your logo and colors, then review and accept the fees and terms. You'll then get a link for your Storefront, which you can add to your website, social media channels, and Yelp and Google profiles to start accepting orders. If you need support, our onboarding team can help you install Storefront on your website for free.

If you're already on DoorDash, Storefront uses the same menus and hours as your DoorDash Marketplace listing. To make updates, simply log into the Merchant Portal and navigate to the Menu Manager tab. Any changes you make will be applied to both your DoorDash Marketplace listing and your Storefront.

If you’re not a DoorDash partner, you will still use the Merchant Portal to make updates to your Storefront.

We recommend adding the Storefront link to your website in your navigation bar or as an "Order Online" button. You can also drive online orders by adding your Storefront link to all of your marketing channels, including social media profiles and posts, Yelp pages, and Google My Business profiles. 

If you don't have a website, your Storefront page can serve as your website — which you can promote across your marketing channels. That said, we've found that businesses have greater success with online ordering when they have their own website. Learn more about growing your Storefront sales.

Order Fulfillment

You can choose to receive and manage Storefront orders through a DoorDash tablet, or directly integrate with your POS system. We also offer the ability to receive orders via email or phone.

Delivery orders placed on Storefront will be fulfilled by Dashers, or you can opt to use your own drivers with DoorDash Self-Delivery. Pickup orders will be collected in your store by customers.

DoorDash Storefront is compatible for direct integration with select POS providers. You can have DoorDash orders sent to your POS either through direct POS integrations (SICOM, Novadine, Shift4, Xoikos, Eatsa, Redcat, Aloha, Square, Toast, Adora, Xenial and a few others) or several middleware providers (e.g. Olo Rails, ItsACheckmate, Chowly, Ordermark, Omnivore, Otter, and others).

Our POS integrations have some limitations compared to our tablet functionality (e.g., you cannot view future scheduled orders or see a Dasher's real-time location), so we recommend keeping a DoorDash tablet nearby.

Reporting and Financials

You can choose to receive weekly or daily direct deposits from DoorDash at no charge. Update your payment settings at any time by logging into the Merchant Portal and navigating to the Settings tab. 

If you’re not already a DoorDash partner, you’ll choose your payout preferences in the Storefront onboarding process.

Your sales and order-level reporting are available in the DoorDash Merchant Portal.


Storefront has no monthly fees or commission fees. Instead, you pay payment card processing fees of 2.9% of the total transaction amount + $0.30 per order. For delivery orders fulfilled by Dashers, your customers pay delivery and service fees to DoorDash. If you use your own drivers through DoorDash Self-Delivery, the delivery fee goes to you and there is no service fee.

Customers pay no fees on Pickup orders. For delivery orders fulfilled by Dashers, customers pay a $3.99 delivery fee plus a 10% service fee on their order subtotal, both of which go to DoorDash. If you use your own delivery drivers through DoorDash Self-Delivery, you set and receive the delivery fee and the customer pays no service fee.