2022 Game Day Menu Ideas & Promotion Tips

Game Day is an opportunity to engage with your customers — whether it’s running a special promotion on tacos and chicken wings, or hosting a giveaway.

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Get in the Game 

Whether you’re rooting for the Rams or the Bengals this year, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: Game Day parties are all about the snacks. Without the tasty food and drinks, it’s just another Sunday. 

It’s time for a game plan to help your customers serve up a delicious party.

Game Day menu maker MVPs 

Game Day Food Illustration

Do you have one of these MVPs on your menu already? The top five ordered items on DoorDash for Game Day in 2021 were:

French fries. No surprise there — fries go well with everything. And if you’re a Cincinatti fan, your fries probably have chili on them. From burgers to wings to sandwiches and everything in between, fries are a Game Day staple for customers.

Wings. Wings are synonymous with Game Day, and with all the tasty sauce options and combinations, there’s something for everyone. Score some extra points with your customers by adding napkins or moist towelettes.

Sandwiches. The best invention since sliced bread… literally. Portable, easy to eat with one hand, and minimal cleanup required.

Pizza. Is there any top 5 list pizza isn’t on? DoorDash customers love pizza, and we don’t blame them — pepperoni, mushroom, or just plain cheese with a few red pepper flakes. Pizza is easily shareable and customizable, so everyone gets what they want while watching the Big Game. 

Tacos. Rams fans can’t live without their tacos, and neither can we. Whether you’re a fan of carnitas, chicken adobo, or the classic Baja-style fish tacos, these savory treats are the perfect accompaniment to your football party.  

Other popular items include burgers, barbecue, dumplings, mac and cheese, and sushi. Last year’s top five cuisines ordered were:

  • Chicken 

  • Mexican

  • Dessert

  • American

  • Breakfast

If you don’t offer these cuisines or items, don’t worry — there’s plenty of time to add a new or limited-time item to your menu for the Big Game. A catchy name will help attract attention.

How about offering a special themed package? You could include:

  • Foods that are popular in the competing teams’ home towns (burritos for Rams fans, chili and tater tots for Bengals)

  • Football-themed items or party favors (e.g. Endzone Enchiladas, Two Point Conversion Nachos, Midfield Mozzarella Sticks, Quarterback Queso, Fair Catch Fries, Red Zone Ranch)

  • A platter of your most popular finger foods or guacamole and chips

  • Flights of beer or specialty cocktails. Check your city’s alcohol regulations, and sign up as an alcohol retailer on DoorDash.

Win big with Big Game promotions 

Special Game Day promotions are a great way to encourage customers to include you in their plans. 


Use social media to run fun, interactive giveaways, like:

  • Virtual sweepstakes or contests

  • Big Game Bingo or Touchdown Trivia 

  • Consider encouraging customers to share your content on their social media as a way to enter

Prizes can include free menu items, gift cards, merch, and more. (Reminder: You’re responsible for compliance with any applicable rules and regulations governing giveaways). 

Game Day Discounts

There are plenty of promotions you can offer with DoorDash Marketing, including: 

  • Discounts on specific items, like Game Day favorites and dishes made to share 

  • Discounts on cart minimums, encouraging customers to order an extra dish or two

  • Sponsored listings so your restaurant shows up on the DoorDash app first 

We’re rooting for you 

Whether it’s promoting a popular menu item, adding special Big Game offerings, running a giveaway, or offering discounts, there are plenty of ways to engage with your customers around Game Day.  

If you’re not already a DoorDash partner, this is just the beginning! With comprehensive e-books, training guides, and much more, DoorDash has the tools to help you grow your business — and not just on Game Day. Sign up for DoorDash today.


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