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Manage Your Toast Integration with DoorDash

Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Toast integration.

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Your Toast integration with DoorDash means all of your orders and operations go directly through your POS, so everything is in one place. Many restaurants use integrations to save time and effort — in fact, roughly three in four restaurant orders on DoorDash Marketplace come through an integration.

About Toast and DoorDash

Toast is a restaurant point-of-sale (POS) and management system. Toast’s partnership with DoorDash lets you accept and fulfill orders from DoorDash Marketplace, Storefront, and Caviar from your Toast POS. Learn more about POS Integrations and its benefits.

What do I need before starting the Toast integration process?

Before you can start the integration process, you need four things:

  1. A DoorDash partnership 

  2. A Toast partnership

  3. The DoorDash integration added to your Toast account

    1. See steps 1-3 of this how-to article from Toast 

  4. A store menu created through Toast

Toast will help you confirm that your menu is ready for the DoorDash integration with an email or within Toast Web.


You can begin the Toast integration using this self-serve process. Most steps will start within Toast Web.


Onboarding support is available from Toast through submitting a ticket or emailing Need more onboarding help? View Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of Toast’s integration help article. You can also contact DoorDash Support and ask to be connected with the Integrations Rescue team.

If you’re new to DoorDash, activate your store by logging into the DoorDash Merchant Portal. Existing DoorDash merchants will be activated automatically. 

To make the most of your integration, you’ll need to optimize your menu for online ordering and update your store hours through your Toast POS. Make sure your Toast menu is set to “visible” for online order partners to ensure it updates onto the DoorDash app. Certain parts of your menu won’t sync from Toast to DoorDash and will need to be updated directly in the DoorDash Merchant Portal, including:

  • Time-specific pricing: Automatically adjust menu pricing based on time of day or the day of the week. This is often used for Happy Hour or Weekly Specials.

  • Pre-modifiers: Add text before or after a modifier. Examples: no, extra, substitute, on side. 

  • Subgroups: Divide your menu further for easy navigation. This is often used for large menus. 

  • Prompt for quantity: Price items by quantity and specific units of measure. This is used for items sold by weight, like deli meat. 

Order management

Managing your delivery and pickup orders from DoorDash will happen through your Toast POS. Learn more about managing orders for your integration with DoorDash.

You can contact Toast support directly by submitting a ticket to customer care or emailing

View these Toast specific topics on their website:

Toast FAQ  

How do I switch from an aggregator integration to the Toast integration?

Once you add the DoorDash integration from Toast Shop, your DoorDash integration onboarding process will begin. You may continue receiving orders through your aggregator until your store is live on the Toast integration. No additional action is needed, though it's recommended that you work with your aggregator to let them know you are moving to a direct integration. You should NOT cancel this aggregator until you receive confirmation from DoorDash that you’re ready to be live on the Toast integration. 

Why are all DoorDash orders showing on Toast as “Takeout” instead of Delivery?

All DoorDash orders are sent to Toast with the “Takeout” dining option instead of “Delivery.” If you want DoorDash orders to be specifically listed as Takeout/Pickup or Delivery, please contact DoorDash Support and we’ll enable this feature for you. As of now, it’s only available on an opt-in basis. 

Can I use self-delivery with a Toast integration?

No, self-delivery is not supported with the Toast integration.

How can I use promotions with my Toast integration?

DoorDash promotions are not supported through your Toast POS. You’ll have to set up and manage DoorDash promotions directly through the DoorDash Merchant Portal. When a customer uses your promotion, it will only be visible in your DoorDash financial reports. Your Toast POS will not show the promotional discount.

Learn how to switch your DoorDash order protocol.


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