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Manage Your Otter Integration with DoorDash

Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Otter integration.

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Your Otter integration with DoorDash means all of your orders and operations go directly through your POS, so everything is in one place. Many restaurants use integrations to save time and effort — in fact, roughly three in four restaurant orders on DoorDash Marketplace come through an integration.

About Otter and DoorDash

Otter is a third-party aggregator and middleware that connects to your point-of-sale (POS) or Otter tablet. Otter’s partnership with DoorDash allows you to accept and fulfill orders from DoorDash Marketplace, Storefront, and Caviar from your Otter POS. Learn more about POS Integrations and its benefits.

What do I need before starting the Otter integration process?

Before you can start integration onboarding for your store, you need three things:

  1. A DoorDash partnership 

  2. An Otter partnership

  3. A POS menu synched with Otter

Otter will help you confirm that your menu is ready for the DoorDash integration with an email or in their onboarding portal.


Contact Otter Support via live chat or email at to add the DoorDash integration to your Otter tablet. Onboarding support is available from Otter by emailing, using the live chat feature, or calling 1-888-681-8837. You can also contact DoorDash Support and ask to be connected with the Integrations Rescue team.

To make the most of your integration, you’ll need to optimize your menu for online ordering and update your store hours through your Otter POS. Any previous DoorDash menus created through the DoorDash Merchant Portal will be deactivated once your Otter integration is activated. You can make all new menu changes through the menu management tool in your Otter Dashboard. Menu updates will automatically sync to your DoorDash menu. You can also update regular, special, or holiday store hours using the Otter Dashboard

Contact Otter Support if you have issues updating your Otter menu.

Order management 

Managing your delivery and pickup orders will happen through your Otter POS. You can manage prep times for incoming orders on your Otter tablet. DoorDash doesn’t recommend using the manual-accept option because it increases the risk of failed orders if they aren’t confirmed within 3 minutes. Learn more about managing orders for your integration with DoorDash.

Scheduled orders are held by DoorDash until approximately 20-30 minutes before the expected Dasher arrival time. If you’re experiencing printing delays, please reach out to Otter Support.

For issues with your tablet, printing order tickets, or other questions, you can contact Otter Support directly by using live chat on your Otter tablet or emailing

View these Otter specific topics on their website:

Otter FAQ  

How do I deactivate or 86 items and modifiers from my menu?

You can deactivate or reactivate a menu item directly from the Otter Order Manager using these step-by-step instructions or by contacting Otter Support via live chat.

Can I accept tips on DoorDash pickup orders?

Yes, you can opt in with DoorDash Support to accept staff tips for DoorDash pickup orders. Tip information flows directly from DoorDash to Otter and will appear automatically on the order ticket and your Otter POS reporting.

How do I allow customers to include special instructions with their order?

Contact DoorDash POS Support at 855-222-8111 to enable this feature which allows your Otter tablet to receive special instructions on menu items from customers.

How can I monitor Dasher’s status with the Otter integration?

You can monitor Dasher status in the main order feed on your Otter tablet. The courier status icon will show the Dasher status. You can also see Dasher information and estimated time of arrival within the order details.

How do I manage canceled orders and refunds?

You can view and manage order cancellations in the Otter Order Manager or the DoorDash Merchant Portal. Once DoorDash receives a merchant order confirmation, you’ll be paid out regardless of when the customer canceled the order. The refund amount will vary depending on how far along an order was before cancellation.

When should I contact DoorDash Support?

You should contact DoorDash Support for pausing your store, integration errors, or troubleshooting DoorDash orders.

Learn how to switch your DoorDash order protocol.


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