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Manage Your Deliverect Integration with DoorDash

Learn how to onboard, update your menu, manage orders, and other resources for your Deliverect integration.

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Your Deliverect integration with DoorDash means all of your orders and operations go directly through your POS, so everything is in one place. Many restaurants use integrations to save time and effort — in fact, roughly three in four restaurant orders on DoorDash Marketplace come through an integration.

About Deliverect and DoorDash

Deliverect is a third-party aggregator that connects to your point-of-sale (POS). Deliverect’s partnership with DoorDash allows you to accept and fulfill orders from DoorDash Marketplace, Storefront, and Caviar from your Deliverect POS. Learn more about POS Integrations and its benefits.

What do I need before starting the Deliverect integration process?

Before you can start integration onboarding for your store, you need three things:

  1. A DoorDash partnership 

  2. A Deliverect partnership

  3. A POS menu synched with Deliverect

Deliverect will help you confirm that your menu is ready for the DoorDash integration with an email or in their onboarding portal.


You can begin the Deliverect integration by adding DoorDash as an ordering channel if you are an existing Deliverect customer.


*Additional information on building your menu with Deliverect.

Onboarding support is available from Deliverect by emailing or the green chat icon in your Deliverect Manager Portal. You can also contact DoorDash Support and ask to be connected with the Integrations Rescue team.

To make the most of your integration, you’ll need to optimize your menu for online ordering and update your store hours through Deliverect and your POS. You can control and make edits to your existing menu directly in the Deliverect Portal. Then, you can push the update to DoorDash in real-time using the "Publish Menus" button in the Deliverect Manager Portal. 

Order management 

Managing your delivery and pickup orders will happen through your POS or the Deliverect Manager App. Learn more about managing orders for your integration with DoorDash.

You can contact Deliverect Support directly by using live chat in the Deliverect Manager Portal or emailing Be sure to provide support with any necessary information about your issue and store. Contact if you have a Kounta or Lightspeed POS.

View these Deliverect specific topics on their website:

Deliverect FAQ  

How do I temporarily pause orders on Deliverect?

You can temporarily pause orders to your store by using the Busy Mode feature by following these step-by-step instructions.

How can I monitor a Dasher’s status with the Deliverect integration?

You can monitor Dasher status through courier updates with Deliverect. You can also monitor Dasher status on live orders through the Business Manager mobile app from DoorDash or your DoorDash tablet if you still have one. Lastly, you can call DoorDash Support at 855-222-8111.

How do I manage canceled orders and refunds?

You can view and manage order cancellations from the orders page in Deliverect, the DoorDash Merchant Portal, or the Business Manager app. Deliverect can’t receive order cancellation notifications and you won’t be able to see notifications on your POS. To account for canceled orders, reopen the order and refund it on your POS. Once DoorDash receives a merchant order confirmation, you’ll be paid out regardless of when the customer canceled the order. The refund amount will vary depending on how far along an order was before cancellation.

Learn how to switch your DoorDash order protocol.


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