How Manoosh Pizzeria Grew Sales 200% by using DoorDash Promotions

Discover how this Sydney-based Mediterranean restaurant grew their sales and customer base with DoorDash and Promotions.

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Charlie Hoyek, owner of Manoosh Pizzeria

About Manoosh Pizzeria

Since 2008, Manoosh Pizzeria has been serving customers in the Sydney, Australia area with freshly baked pizzas, handmade Mediterranean wraps, and traditional Lebanese foods. Charlie Hoyek is the founder and managing director and has grown the restaurant from its original location in Enmore to 11 locations in Sydney and surrounding areas, along with three other stores opening in the Australian Capital Territory.

When Manoosh Pizzeria first opened, it primarily served traditional Lebanese food, but as the restaurant grew, Charlie decided to expand the scope of the restaurant’s menu. “Over the years we've transitioned to a more of a fusion/Mediterranean-style cuisine, so we offer traditional-style Pizzerias, Lebanese-style freshly baked wraps, side salads, and desserts,” he says. 

Table of different food items from Manoosh Pizzeria

Charlie even added hot chips, which have become one of the most popular items on the menu. “We wanted to have a bigger outreach, and we use a lot of similar ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine,” he says. “Why not tap into another market when you've already got the ingredients?”  

Increasing sales with Promotions  

For Charlie, testing out DoorDash Promotions provided clarity on the most profitable offers that resonated with customers. Manoosh was one of the earlier adopters of DoorDash when it launched in Australia in September 2019. While DoorDash is a relatively new platform in Australia, Charlie has seen tremendous growth with the DoorDash partnership. 

Charlie Hoyek

We were one of their earlier adopters when we signed on with DoorDash two years ago, and since then we've grown. We've opened up more stores and our revenue and sales have grown with DoorDash. It's been a good collaboration.

Charlie Hoyek, Owner, Manoosh Pizzeria

For Manoosh Pizzeria, Promotions are one of the most profitable DoorDash tools. Charlie’s not afraid to test and iterate on different promotional offers, like free delivery, or giving a percentage or amount of cash off of a purchase. 

“We’ll do a massive campaign that brings in a lot of revenue and orders. We also offer free delivery sometimes with the promotion,” he says. “We’ll offer a percentage off, like spend $30 and get 10% off or get 15% off.” One promotion in particular (Spend $20 get 15% off) brought in over $36,000 in sales since its launch in November 2021. 

The rate of return Manoosh Pizzeria has seen with DoorDash has been a sizable one, with every promotion bringing in significant sales. “We normally see that order volumes increase after we do a promotion,” Charlie says. “The more promotions you do, the more customers will keep ordering through DoorDash.” 

Charlie Hoyek

We promoted our Pepperoni Burst Pizzeria a few months ago, and we saw a 200% increase in sales through DoorDash. When we run big promotions, it definitely attracts more customers.

Charlie Hoyek, Owner, Manoosh Pizzeria

With every promotion, Manoosh Pizzeria sees its sales significantly grow — along with its customer base. In March 2022 alone, Manoosh Pizzeria saw an uptick in customer engagement: 51% of customers were new and 49% were returning customers. 

Maximizing success with DashPass

In addition to Promotions, being a DashPass restaurant has been instrumental for Manoosh Pizzeria’s growth. With DashPass, high-value customers see Manoosh Pizzeria placed prominently in the DoorDash app and website and pay lower fees when they order, helping attract new and repeat customers. Manoosh Pizzeria signed on with DashPass in September 2021. Between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, they saw a 41% increase in DashPass orders. 

Along with Promotions and DashPass, Charlie also credits his account manager for helping him get the most out of what DoorDash has to offer. “The support that we receive is very productive; we tend to meet with our account managers regularly,” he says.


New customers ordering from Manoosh Pizzeria on DoorDash in Q1 2022


The average number of DashPass orders Manoosh Pizzeria received per month in Q1 2022

Breaking new ground

In the first three months of 2022, Manoosh Pizzeria brought in an average of $40,000 in DoorDash sales per month. “For us, it's about reaching a new audience, and we’re doing that through DoorDash,” Charlie says. “It’s really helped our business grow.” 

Manoosh Pizzeria employee hands a Dasher a DoorDash bag

While Charlie plans on opening more stores in Australia, he’s also set his sights on international expansion in the future. “My vision is to go to the United States one day,” he says. “I’d like to expand my DoorDash partnership over there as well.”  

With Promotions, you can improve your in-app placement on the DoorDash app, attract first-time customers, and more. If you’re looking to boost sales, DashPass attracts high-value, repeat customers who see your business first—without any extra cost to you. Want to learn more? Sign up for DoorDash today to get started. 


Vonnie Williams
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