Ways to Grow

How to Grow with the DoorDash Merchant Suite

With the DoorDash Merchant Suite, learn about the best tactics used by business owners to increase profitability online.

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How to use the DoorDash Merchant Suite

DoorDash reaches 94% of the US population, 80% of the Australian population, 75% of the Canadian population and is growing. Achieve your unique business goals with DoorDash. Use the new Solutions Center in Merchant Portal to discover new products and services in one place.

What is the DoorDash Merchant Suite?

The DoorDash Merchant Suite showcases all the products available to small and medium-sized businesses in a simple self-serve fashion. The suite puts restaurants’ needs first, and was built as a direct result of listening to partner feedback. Whether you want to Grow Online, Attract New Customers, Increase Order Size & Volume, or Optimize Current Business – you can easily identify and access the unique set of DoorDash tools that can help you achieve your goals and succeed off-premise.

The DoorDash Merchant Suite can help you:

  • Grow online: Grow your business with online ordering.

  • Attract new customers: Reach new customers and get more orders.

  • Increase order size and volume: Get more orders and larger orders.

  • Optimize your business: Expand your business in new ways.

How Do I Add Products Using the Solutions Center?

Once you sign up with DoorDash, you get access to the Merchant Portal. Go to the tab that says Add Solutions. There you’ll see:

DoorDash Top Picks

Here are some suggested first ways to grow your business.

DoorDash Merchant Portal - Add Solutions

Attract New Customers

Get noticed by new customers and drive more orders with in-app ads and promotions. Ads (or Sponsored Listings) give you prime real estate in the DoorDash app, so you get noticed by new customers. Promotions let you offer discounts or free items to encourage customers to place orders, and Storefront promotions use similar incentives to get customers to place commission-free orders directly on your website. Licensing lets you add a revenue stream by selling an established, well-known brand out of your restaurant’s kitchen. Some of these features include:

  • Sponsored Listings: Targeted in-app advertising

  • Offers to new customers: Attract new customers with discounts to try your restaurant for the first time.

  • Storefront promotions: Offer your website customers a discount on their first order.

  • Licensing: Add a revenue stream by selling a well-known brand out of your restaurant’s kitchen.

DoorDash Merchant Portal - Attract New Customers

Learn more about attracting new customers.

Increase Order Volume & Size

Increase online restaurant sales as well as order volume and size (and, as a result, profits) with products like in-app promotions that provide customers with discounts or free items only when they reach a specific minimum order size. If you already offer alcohol in-store, add it to your DoorDash menu to help increase ticket sizes and reach customers looking to order both food and alcohol. You can do this with:

  • Alcohol sales: Add alcohol to your menu to help reach new customers and increase subtotals.

  • Discount for All Customers: Stores that run promotions see an average 5x return on every dollar spent.

  • Offer Free or Discounted Items: Drive sales by enticing customers to order more and spend more per order.

Merchant Portal - Increase Order Size & Volume

Learn how to increase your order size and volume.

Access Financing

Take your business to the next level by expanding with financing. Easy, accessible financing can help eligible merchants invest in new equipment, open a new location, hire more employees, and much more. Access financing through:

  • DoorDash Capital: Manage your business with fair and convenient financing.

Merchant Portal - Optimize my Business

Learn how to access financing.

Other Ways to Grow

Add features that help you run a successful store on DoorDash and increase restaurant profits. Here are a few features that you can leverage:

Grow Online with DoorDash

Partner with DoorDash to drive more sales — on the app and through your own website. Here are a few features that you can leverage:

  • Storefront: With Storefront, you turn website, social media, or Yelp visitors into customers.

  • Delivery: Get your business on the DoorDash app and introduce your store to active new customers in your area.

  • DashPass: Increase sales by tapping into DashPass subscribers, customers who order more frequently and spend more per order.

  • Pickup: Get discovered by new customers and drive more sales by offering Pickup through DoorDash.

Grow online with DoorDash

Learn how to grow online with DoorDash.

How Do I Get Started Utilizing the Merchant Suite?

Taking advantage of everything DoorDash has to offer is easy. Simply:

1. Log into the Merchant Portal.
2. Go to the Solutions Center tab by clicking Add Solutions on the navigation bar.
3. Products on the Solutions Center page are organized by business need. Pick the product you are interested in.
4. Follow the prompts to provide other required information.

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