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Deliver your own DoorDash orders with your in-house team at a reduced commission.

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How does Self-Delivery work?

Three steps to grow your customer base with DoorDash.

Customers browse your store

Customers browse your store

Customers can order and pay online or through the DoorDash App.

Manage incoming orders

Manage incoming orders

Confirm orders on your tablet or point of sale integration.

Deliver to customers

Deliver to customers

Your restaurant prepares incremental DoorDash orders and delivers them to customers.

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Fulfill your own deliveries

Fully control the delivery process with your own team fulfilling orders. Plus, you’re in control of delivery fees and zones. 

Reach new customers at a lower cost

Self-Delivery partners enjoy marketing and sales benefits powered by the DoorDash platform, plus a lower commission rate than orders fulfilled by Dashers.


Tap into the Dasher network

Dashers are available for you when and where you want them, for example when an order is placed after your team’s delivery hours or out of your delivery area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! DoorDash Self-Delivery is ideal for businesses who already have their own delivery teams and self-delivery capabilities, and are looking to increase orders by tapping into the DoorDash customer base. Use your own fulfillment fleet—plus, get all the benefits of the world-class logistics platform powered by DoorDash.

If you’re ready to start using your own drivers to deliver DoorDash orders, and your business is already listed on the DoorDash app, you can get started with Self-Delivery and DashPass here.

DashPass is our premium customer subscription service that gives you access to loyal, high-value customers. If you just want Self-Delivery without DashPass, get started here.

No drivers? No problem. Fulfillment through DoorDash is available to all Self-Delivery partners through Flexible Fulfillment, which allows businesses to tap into the Dasher network when an order is placed after hours or out of your delivery area. If you’re already using Self-Delivery and want to add Flexible Fulfilment, sign up here.

With Self-Delivery, businesses can receive and accept orders through the DoorDash Tablet, email, fax, and some POS systems. At the point of sale on the DoorDash App, customers get notified that your business delivers its own orders. After that, it’s business as usual: get goods to customers using your own delivery fleet, collect the order value plus delivery fees and tips.

DoorDash offers a range of products to help you easily boost your volume, both through participating in DashPass and through marketing promotions you can add directly from your Merchant Portal.

Yes. With DashPass enabled, eligible customers pay lower fees when they order from you. Because DashPass customers order more often, you’ll likely get more orders and repeat customers.

Self-Delivery enables businesses to use their own delivery services for orders generated on DoorDash, while Drive from DoorDash is a white-label delivery service that connects businesses to a network of Dashers to fulfill orders generated on their own ordering platforms.

Sign up for DoorDash Drive here.