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How Savemore Grew Alcohol and Convenience Revenue

Learn how this Oakland-based convenience store grew incremental sales by adding alcohol delivery to their offerings.

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Savemore Market & Liquors Owner

About Savemore Market & Liquors

Based in the Glenview district of Oakland, California, Savemore Market & Liquors has always been a family business. Owner Omar Korin first bought the business in 1999 with his father. Today, Omar runs the store with the help and company of his six children.

Over the years, Savemore has grown and evolved in response to the requests of the neighborhood. Starting out as a basic convenience store, Omar now stocks Savemore with natural, organic groceries and produce, snacks, and high-end wines.

Omar prides himself on good relationships with his customers, saying, "I like seeing my customers, and greeting them. You have to like working with people in this business."

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The Challenge

As a savvy business owner, Omar is always looking for ways to drive additional revenue. He saw partnering with third-party apps for delivery, like DoorDash, as a way to help his business grow.

"Trends change every 10-15 years, and delivery platforms are the new trend right now," he explains. "Delivery is convenient for people who work from home, or are busy with activities for their kids."

Though Omar signed up his convenience store with DoorDash in 2016, it wasn’t until 2020 that he began delivering alcohol with DoorDash. "COVID-19 shut everything down, and I was looking for ways to cater to people where they were — at home," Omar explains.

Omar Korin

If you’re considering signing up for convenience and alcohol delivery with DoorDash, do it. DoorDash brings you new customers from outside your regulars, and it’s extra revenue for your business. It’s allowed us to invest in a new refrigeration unit to help keep our delivery orders cold.

Omar Korin, Owner, Savemore Market & Liquors
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The Solution

Savemore started delivering alcohol with DoorDash in June 2020, and sales quickly took off. "Right now, DoorDash is the number one app for me," Omar says.

He attributes part of his success to his attention to the customer experience. Omar makes sure that alcohol orders are ready to go when a Dasher arrives to pick them up, and even stores them in the fridge to ensure beverages are cold.

"If you order something, you want it to come cold," Omar explains. "Plus, the Dashers are really fast, so the order arrives as cold as it was when it left."

Omar has also made use of DoorDash promotions, like Discount $X off to market his offerings to new and existing customers. "It helps encourage customers to make repeat orders," he explains.

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The Results

In Q4 2020, Omar’s DoorDash sales went through the roof. With an average of 500 alcohol delivery orders per week, his average sales totaled $20,000 each week.

"My son asked me, 'Dad, when is the DoorDash tablet going to stop yelling at us?' We were getting so many orders!" Omar laughs. "Even my DoorDash sales rep was impressed."

Though sales have calmed down slightly since then, Omar has seen enough revenue from his partnership to invest in a new refrigeration unit to keep delivery orders cold for customers.

Next, he wants to invest in infrastructure to help him sell more products on DoorDash. He sums it up: "The more you have for sale on DoorDash, the more revenue you can bring in."

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