Four Reasons Why Customers Want Same-Day Pet Supply Delivery

Learn why customers want same-day pet supply delivery, and how offering it can give your business a competitive advantage.

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Today, same-day delivery is more popular than ever. According to a study from Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights, 36% of online shoppers have made an order with same-day delivery, and 68% of consumers say that fast shipping would lead them to place an online order. Global consulting firm McKinsey is already calling same-day shipping the “new normal,” as more and more customers expect the same delivery convenience from independent and local retailers that they do from big players like Amazon.

With DoorDash, local pet stores can now offer same-day pet supply delivery and compete with big businesses on a more equal footing — without the hassle of hiring their own drivers. It’s a great way to add another revenue stream to your business, and offer your customers the convenience they’re looking for.

As a pet store owner who’s beginning to explore what a same-day pet supply delivery program could look like for your business, it’s important to understand the value this brings to your customers. To get inside their heads, here are the four key benefits of same-day delivery — and why you should consider offering it for your customers.

Convenience and accessibility

Convenience can mean a lot of things for different people. For many customers, the convenience of same-day delivery means one less errand they have to run. Think of the busy parent who just got home from their kid’s soccer practice and discovered they’re completely out of cat food — or the professional who’s tired after a long day of work and just realized they forgot to swing by the pet store on the way home. These customers are looking for small ways to make their lives easier.

For other customers, convenience can merge with accessibility. Customers who are immunocompromised or have other health challenges may be hesitant to leave the house — for them, safety is a priority. Others may lack access to transportation altogether. Getting important pet supplies, food, and toys delivered same-day can help ensure this group of customers is able to take care of their pets while also taking care of themselves.

Offering same-day pet supply delivery can help give your business a competitive advantage. In a recent survey from Invesp, 61% of shoppers wanted their packages delivered within 1-3 hours of placing an order. DoorDash orders are delivered within an average of 35 minutes or less, giving customers a compelling reason to order from your store today.

Olia Rosenblatt

DoorDash has been a great partner for us. As a small business, it’s really important to offer convenience, and partnering with DoorDash helps us surprise and delight customers who didn’t realize they could get high-quality dog treats delivered.

Olia Rosenblatt, Owner and Founder, MISHKA Luxury Dog Treats

Fresh pet food delivery service

Today, many customers are looking to treat their four-legged friends by feeding them fresh pet food. Fresh pet food comes in many forms: vegetarian, plant-based, raw, freeze-dried, whole-animal, and more. Customers who buy fresh pet food are more likely to get it delivered, because it’s less shelf-stable than traditional foods.

Offering same-day pet food delivery as a service can help ensure customers see your store as the go-to for fresh pet food — whether they purchase fresh pet food in person or get it delivered. A pet food delivery service partner can help keep your business top of mind by recommending your store when a customer searches for pet food near them in the DoorDash app.

An efficient way to stock up on pet supplies

Since they’re already placing an order for food, many customers will use delivery as an opportunity to stock up on additional pet supplies and goods. For example, instead of placing multiple small delivery orders, customers are more likely to bundle items into fewer, bigger orders. Or they may add in a few extra items to their cart to make a small order worth it.

As a pet shop owner, you can get the attention of these customers by signing up for DashPass, which connects businesses like yours to high-value customers. With DashPass, customers get discounted delivery fees and businesses get three unique benefits:

  • Higher ticket sizes: DashPass members typically have higher order sizes.

  • Access to the fastest growing user base: DashPass subscribers are growing at 2x the rate of our overall user base. 

  • Most engaged audience: DashPass customers order more frequently.

Support the local economy

People love to shop local. Studies show that 91% of customers prefer to support small businesses when it’s convenient to do so. Additionally, customers prefer to buy from local businesses when possible, and for two big reasons: supporting their local community (84%) and the local economy (54%). Offering online same-day delivery contributes to the local economy when your on-site employees pack and prep orders, and nearby Dashers deliver them.

People want to feel connected to their local businesses. Even if your pet store is part of a chain, you can add a few touches to your delivery that remind customers of the real people on the other end of their order — a thank you card or a free treat, for example. It’s about reminding your customers that you appreciate them, and that their decision to order from your store makes a difference for your business.

Growing your online same-day pet supply delivery sales

As a business owner, it can be stressful launching something new — but DoorDash makes it easy for stores like yours to add delivery to your offerings. It’s easy to get started quickly on our platform, so that you can focus on what you care about most: helping your customers take the best possible care of their animal friends.

Curious what the day-to-day experience is like working with a pet supply delivery partner? Read more about how DoorDash works for pet stores to get a step-by-step peek into the process of online ordering and same-day delivery, or download the 2022 Product Guide for Pet Stores to learn about our entire product suite. Then sign up for DoorDash for pet supply delivery and start offering the delivery service that can give your business a competitive advantage.


Ali Cottong
Ali Cottong


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