Pet Stores: Why It’s Time to Offer Fresh Pet Food Delivery

Pet care spending is on the rise — and offering fresh pet food delivery is the latest way to offer your customers what they want.

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It’s never been a better time to be a pet. With the increase in animal adoptions following the COVID-19 pandemic, pet owners are spending more money than ever to take care of their furry friends. Today, the annual household spending per pet is estimated to grow from $980 to $1,909 by 2030 — and pets are enjoying all of the extra treats, toys, and time with their owners at home.

“This is the highest growth we’ve seen on record for the global pet care industry,” shared Jared Koerten, Senior Head of Pet Care Research at Euromonitor International, in a recent Pet Food Processing article. With remote work, more pet owners are increasingly looking for ways to treat their pet—including buying premium pet food. 

Today, pet food trends are increasingly mimicking human food trends and there are a variety of offerings on the market: healthy, plant-based, raw, freeze-dried, fresh, and more. As a pet store owner, offering same-day fresh pet food delivery can help your customers treat their pets better — while helping you grow your sales. Keep reading to learn more about why premium pet food is trending, and how to add easy, on-demand delivery to your business offerings.

Why customers are craving fresh pet food

There’s no one reason why pet owners are turning to premium pet food. For some, it’s about nutrition — for others, it’s a way to bond with and care for their pets.

As Daniel Caughill, co-founder of the blog The Dog Tale, recently shared in a recent Pet Food Processing article: “More and more pet owners are purchasing fresh, human-grade pet food brands to supplement their dog's or cat’s diet. This is due mostly to the nutritional impact of fresh, gently cooked food, but FOMO, or fear of missing out, also plays a role. Emerging pet food brands have done an excellent job of marketing their product as a ‘must-have lifestyle improvement.’”

Here are some of the reasons why today’s pet owners are exploring a variety of fresh pet food products.

Higher quality ingredients

For many pet owners, the high quality of ingredients in premium pet food is especially appealing. Compared with dry kibble, less conventional formats are often perceived as being less processed — and therefore healthier for pets.

Many fresh pet food brands market how their food is cooked at lower temperatures so that it retains more nutrients. Others highlight specific ingredients that are “human-grade” like carrots, fresh meats, and grains — making these products an easier sell to human owners (and their stomachs!) because they’re foods we’re familiar with from our own dinner plates.

Increased hydration

Increased moisture content is another reason why pet owners are turning to premium raw and fresh pet foods. On average, a dog needs at least one ounce of water daily for each pound they weigh. The high moisture comment of certain pet foods can help pets retain water — and even support a pet weight loss plan by helping them feel more full after eating.

A loving treat

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people are drawn to premium pet food options: the opportunity to treat their furry friends. While the standard dry kibble for dogs or cats doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, a large number of pet owners say they feed their pets raw food at least some of the time — 66% of dog owners and 53% of cat owners.

Instead of looking to feed their pet premium options full-time, these customers may be looking for one-off special meals or treats as a way to bond with their pets and care for them. In addition to selling large and standard size bags of fresh pet food, consider stocking up on smaller raw or freeze dried items for this group of customers.

Gentler meals for senior pets

Finally, many customers turn to softer pet food options because they’re better for senior animals and pets with teeth issues.

In fact, that’s part of what inspired Olia Rosenblatt, the owner and founder of MISHKA Luxury Dog Treats in San Francisco, to create her unique, jeweled pâté dog treats. Her creations are both nutritious and gentle enough for older dogs who have trouble chewing. Learn more about how Olia grew her business 7X by partnering with DoorDash for premium dog treat delivery.

Olia Rosenblatt

Our pets deserve to eat as well as we do.

Olia Rosenblatt, Owner and Founder, MISHKA Luxury Dog Treats

How to offer same day delivery for pet food and supplies

As a business owner, whether you’re cooking and preparing pet treats yourself or looking to sell pre-packaged premium brands, it’s important to be able to get your goods to customers quickly. Your customers are looking to stock up before they run out — often searching for businesses that provide same-day pet food delivery or next day delivery on pet supplies.

A pet food delivery service like DoorDash can help you meet your customers on their schedules, without changing your day-to-day operations. Here’s a quick overview of how DoorDash works for pet stores:

  • Create your online business page: As a DoorDash partner, you’ll get your own page on the DoorDash app where you can feature your pet store brand, provide details on items for sale, and connect with potential customers.

  • Customers place orders: Customers can browse your pet food and supply offerings on the DoorDash app or website and select items for purchase. 

  • Accept and package orders: Businesses can accept orders and set a prep time through a tablet. Then, simply prepare the order for pickup and wait for a Dasher to arrive. You just completed a pet supply delivery!

  • Reach more customers: Though DoorDash will automatically connect you to customers searching for “pet food delivery near me,” it’s still important to focus on your marketing efforts. DoorDash offers built-in marketing promotions to help you reach new customers and increase sales. Campaigns like “First Delivery Free” or “$X Off” can encourage customers to make a purchase from your pet store. MISHKA’s Olia is a fan: “DoorDash marketing promotions are a no-brainer. Everyone loves a discount,” she explains.

For more information on the entire DoorDash product suite, download the 2022 Product Guide for Pet Stores and explore new tools to grow your business.

Ready to add same-day pet food delivery to your business’s offerings? Sign up for DoorDash for pet stores today — and help your customers keep their pets well-fed.


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