How 3 Restaurants Optimized their Business with DoorDash Capital

Discover how these restaurateurs used DoorDash Capital to grow their businesses, run efficiently, and more.

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To help merchants achieve their business goals, we're unveiling a reimagined Merchant Suite to highlight the many ways restaurants can grow on our platform — and make it easier to choose the DoorDash products that best support your unique needs. 

If you're looking to optimize your business, DoorDash Capital helps restaurants get access to fair and convenient financing. Whether you need to cover unexpected expenses, open a new location, or invest in new equipment, DoorDash Capital can help you take your restaurant to the next level.

In this article, we’re going to touch on money — and why DoorDash is hoping to remove some of the roadblocks to building and growing businesses. 

Andy Husbands, author, pitmaster, and founder of The SmokeShop BBQ, recently asked CEO Tony Xu about the reason he created DoorDash. “A lot of it started when I was really young—it was the motivation to help people like my mom, whether it was washing dishes in the restaurant or watching her do that for 12 years,” Tony said. “I wanted to be associated with these owners and operators of physical businesses who I always considered as underdogs, but also as people who wanted to own their own destiny. My mom and dad came to this country with $200 in the bank. It wasn’t as if the odds were always in their favor.”

Later, Tony talked about his skills with technology, the human side of service, and learning about business operations. His answer made me think about the risks many entrepreneurs take every day to succeed—and it’s why I’m excited for DoorDash Capital. Financial luck can make the difference between success and failure; with DoorDash Capital, we’re trying to even the financial playing field and increase the odds of success for entrepreneurs. 

Small businesses often find it difficult to secure traditional bank financing, as banks have strict credit and business history requirements that leave thousands of entrepreneurs without lending options. Applying for a loan can be time-consuming and costly; instead, most entrepreneurs often choose to fund their businesses from personal savings or friends and family

A new solution

With DoorDash Capital, businesses with a proven track record on DoorDash can now access tools to fuel growth, run their day-to-day operations more efficiently, and invest in long-term improvements. Businesses can use DoorDash Capital to buy equipment, pay for marketing costs, rent, hire employees, and more. It’s a cash advance with no late or hidden fees or interest rates. 

DoorDash's Merchant Cash Advance allowed us to renovate, install an air conditioning system, and pay for deep cleaning services in our restaurant. We are so thankful to have access to this financing to help grow our business.

Noree Tyler, Owner, Chada Thai

A King’s Cafe in Philadelphia used DoorDash Capital to double its refrigeration and cooking capacity as the business continues to grow.

At Chada Thai Restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma, DoorDash Capital helped Noree Tyler install an air conditioning system and pay for deep cleaning.

And at Mae Velma’s Corned Beef’s second location in Wisconsin, Tyron Smith used DoorDash Capital to get funding to cover payroll and construction costs.

The process and payment for DoorDash Capital was seamless. There were no hidden charges and no recurring interest. It was the easier option to get the funding we needed to cover payroll and construction costs on our second location.

Tyron Smith, Owner/Operator, Mae Velma’s Corned Beef

Access financing with DoorDash Capital 

As the restaurant industry continues to recover, some small businesses need assistance to get back on their feet stronger than ever. DoorDash Capital's easy, accessible financing can help eligible merchants invest in new equipment, open a new location, hire more employees, and much more.

We’re humbled to have the opportunity to help businesses expand operations and remain pillars of their communities — and I hope that we continue to support the businesses that make our communities wonderful places to live.  

Merchant cash offers and advances are provided by Parafin and governed by Parafin’s Terms of Service. Merchant cash offers and advances are not extensions of credit or loans and they may not be used for personal, family, or household purposes.


Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne

President, DoorDash

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