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Streamline Operations with DoorDash’s Point of Sale Order Manager

DoorDash’s Point of Sale (POS) Order Manager makes it easier to manage your DoorDash Orders.

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DoorDash Merchants using point-of-sale (POS) systems can take advantage of our POS Order Manager, simplifying management of DoorDash orders. Available exclusively to DoorDash Merchants using POS systems, this feature is the culmination of our partnership with Crisp and Checkmate.

Inspired by your feedback, the POS Order Manager enables merchants to manage orders directly from either their Crisp POS system or Checkmate Portal. This streamlined experience not only reduces your reliance on DoorDash Support but also enables you to manage orders from a single screen, eliminating the need for companion tablets.

How does DoorDash’s POS Order Manager work?

How you access the POS Order Manager depends on which provider you’re integrated with. 


  1. Find a DoorDash order on your Crisp POS

  2. Tap on the "DoorDash Order Help" button


  1. Tap on any DoorDash order on your Checkmate Portal’s order page

  2. Select “Manage”

From there you will have the ability to access the following features:

  • Call customers and Dashers: Our most requested update, you can call customers and Dashers directly through your Crisp POS system or Checkmate Portal.

  • Rate and block Dashers: Your feedback matters to us which is why you can rate and block Dashers through the POS Order Manager.

  • Track Dashers via a live map and view Dasher status: Get insight into how close Dashers are—without needing a companion tablet—for a more seamless hand-off experience.

Who is DoorDash’s POS Manager available to?

Right now, the POS Order Manager is only available to DoorDash Merchants integrated with Crisp or Checkmate but we plan to bring this update to a broader set of POS and Middleware providers (MWP) in the future.

For more information about the POS Order Manager, check out these help articles from Crisp and Checkmate

If you currently use Crisp or Checkmate but have not yet integrated with DoorDash, follow these steps.


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