Storefront Growth Guide

Learn how to optimize and successfully market your Storefront to help grow commission-free sales.

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Key tips to grow your Storefront sales

On average, restaurants see a 26% increase in sales on DoorDash after adding Storefront.* In this free guide, you’ll learn how to grow your Storefront sales.

  • Optimize your Storefront website: Make sure your site and menu are driving customers to order.   

  • Drive customers to order with Storefront: Use social media, email, third-party sites, and marketing promotions to spread the word.

  • And more!

*Data compares DoorDash partner sales on the DoorDash App to DoorDash partner sales on Storefront as incremental sales, in the first 30 days after they add Storefront as an online ordering system, as of January 2021.

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