Checklist: Winter is Coming – Is Your Restaurant Ready?

Prepare your restaurant for winter with this checklist, including tips and tactics you can implement today to make sure you're on track for the winter season.

Mx - Winter restaurant checklist

Is your restaurant properly prepared for the
winter season?

Winter can be a challenging season for restaurants, so it’s essential to have an effective strategy in place. Use this checklist of actionable advice to ensure your restaurant is set up for a successful season.

  • Menu planning: Revamping your menu and service for winter

  • Dining logistics: Optimizing your restaurant for efficient indoor and outdoor dining

  • Delivery operations: Setting up processes to ensure off-premise customer satisfaction

  • Staffing and training: Making investments in your team to increase retention

  • Business strategy: Expanding into new revenue streams

  • Restaurant marketing: Creating a marketing strategy to spread the word

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