Checklist: Winter is Coming – Is Your Restaurant Ready?

Prepare your restaurant for winter with this 3-page checklist, including tips and tactics you can implement today to make sure you're on track for the winter season.


Let’s get your restaurant ready for winter

Getting your restaurant ready for another pandemic winter is no easy feat. Between safety regulations, changing vaccine mandates, and weather-proof outdoor setups, many operators are entering into the cold months with uncertainty — but that doesn’t mean it’s time to bundle up and head home.

Prepare your restaurant for outdoor and indoor dining experiences this winter with our 3-page checklist, which includes strategies on the following topics:

  • Menu planning: How to modify your food and service for winter dining

  • Dining logistics: How to position your restaurant for both indoor and outdoor dining

  • Customer service: How to train your staff to keep customers happy

  • Business strategy: How to expand into new revenue streams

  • Restaurant marketing: How to create a marketing strategy to spread the word

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