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Commission and Fees on DoorDash, Explained

How much is DoorDash for restaurants? Learn about DoorDash pricing for restaurants, what pickup and delivery commission and fees cover, and how they help bring value to your business.

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Being a DoorDash partner puts your business in front of new and repeat customers regularly. Similar to the ad spend you may pay for other marketing channels, the commissions and fees in each of our Partnership Plans support a variety of services that ultimately help you acquire new customers and keep them coming back.

The DoorDash platform has to work for all three sides of the marketplace — merchants, Dashers, and customers. To ensure that our partners receive the best possible service, DoorDash charges a commission or fee for orders processed using our products and services.

Keep reading to learn about DoorDash pricing, what pickup and delivery commission and fees on DoorDash cover, and how they help bring value to your business and your broader community.

Pickup and delivery commissions, fees, and payment processing on DoorDash

Every business is unique, which is why we offer a variety of products, services, and pricing structures that support different goals. DoorDash Partnership Plans give restaurants more options for their DoorDash partnership — including the ability to choose a plan based on the commission rate and level of built-in marketing support they want.

David Bloom

Delivery services get a bad rap because of the commission, but DoorDash is bringing us new clients. That's how I look at the commission — we're paying for advertising and customer acquisition.

David Bloom, Partner, Sumac

Choose how you want to work with DoorDash

DoorDash offers a variety of Partnership Plans so that you can choose the option that best fits your specific needs and goals. To help you understand how much DoorDash costs for your business, let's review the pricing and fee structures for three popular DoorDash products: DoorDash Marketplace, Storefront, and DoorDash Drive. 

Marketplace: Delivery and Pickup on DoorDash

When you become a DoorDash partner, customers find your restaurant on the DoorDash app or website and place orders for delivery or pickup. You'll manage incoming orders through a tablet or point of sale integration, and DoorDash will facilitate the delivery logistics with Dashers.

DoorDash Marketplace partners pay a commission for each order, and we offer three tiers of DoorDash Partnership Plans with different commission rates and marketing support. Restaurants choose from commission rates based on varying levels of built-in marketing. 

There are no payment processing fees for restaurants on DoorDash app or website orders, no termination fees, and no flat fees, unless you choose to use a DoorDash tablet. DoorDash tablet pricing varies by region. You can learn more here. You can also change your plan any time.

If you sign up for Plus and Premier Partnership Plans, you have more access to DashPass customers who on average have a higher order frequency and ticket size than non-DashPass customers. This is a win-win in that restaurants can access higher spending customers, while these shoppers pay lower service and delivery fees. 

Storefront: your own website for commission-free ordering

Included with every Marketplace Partnership Plan, DoorDash's online ordering system Storefront enables you to add commission-free delivery and pickup ordering to your own website, customized with your restaurant branding. 

Storefront has no monthly fees or commission fees. Instead, you pay payment card processing fees.

DoorDash Drive: access to delivery for your own app or site

For businesses that already have their own online ordering system but need access to on-demand delivery drivers, we recommend DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive allows you to offer delivery from your own app or website by tapping into a network of Dashers. You can even automate deliveries through your POS or request Dashers on demand when you need them. Your customers get a full view into their order status, including the estimated delivery time, driver location, and confirmation that their delivery was completed. 

Merchants who use DoorDash Drive pay a flat delivery fee per delivery with no signup, subscription, payment processing, or termination fees. 

What do commissions and fees on DoorDash cover?

The pickup and delivery commission and fees paid by merchants support a variety of services that ultimately benefit your business and community. Here are some of the initiatives that those commissions and fees cover. 

  • Advertising and marketing: Did you know that DoorDash reaches an estimated 94% of the U.S. population? Being on DoorDash helps put your business in front of new and repeat customers every day in your area. Part of the way we keep you top of mind for customers is through marketing and advertising.

  • Dasher pay and insurance: We empower a community of Dashers, who make every delivery possible, by providing them flexible earning opportunities with competitive local pay, promotional pay, 24/7 support, third-party insurance, and exclusive discounts. Learn more about the Dasher Community at Dasher Central.

  • Customer service and support for consumers, merchants, and Dashers: Customers, business owners, and Dashers all have unique needs that often need addressing immediately. When something goes wrong with an order, we have a 24/7/365 team of people ready to help solve customer issues, so they’ll continue to order from your business. If you need to contact us, head over to DoorDash Merchant Support

  • Technology platform costs: It takes a world-class logistics, engineering, coding, marketing, and operations team to keep DoorDash, our Merchant Portal and tablet, and our Dasher app running. 

  • Credit card processing: All DoorDash offerings include credit card processing and with Storefront, you only pay for credit card processing with no additional commissions, monthly DoorDash fees or per-order fees.

Make the most out of your DoorDash Partnership

DoorDash offers a number of additional products and features to help you get the most bang for your buck out of your partnership: 

  1. Promote Storefront: Add your Storefront website link across your website, social media, Yelp, and Google Business pages to generate commission-free orders. 

  2. Become a DashPass restaurant partner: Join DashPass, included in the Plus and Premier plans, to get more access to DoorDash customers who typically order more frequently and spend more per order. 

  3. Launch Sponsored Listings: Boost your store's visibility with ads in the DoorDash app and website. You’ll only be charged for orders placed through your ad — not for clicks or impressions. Learn how to create a new sponsored listing

  4. Catering: Offer full-service catering delivery to your customers with your own online ordering system. Experienced, highly-rated Dashers will handle delivery and setup. 

  5. Offer Promotions: Attract new and repeat customers with unique promotions that entice them to order and spend more per order. Only pay for orders, not clicks or impressions. 

  6. Create a virtual restaurant: Open your own virtual brand on DoorDash to increase orders. Remember to follow our virtual brand requirements.  

  7. Offer alcohol delivery: If legally permitted, add alcohol to your DoorDash menu to help reach new customers and increase subtotals, while maintaining compliance with local regulations.

  8. Optimize your DoorDash menu: Follow our tips to maximize your menu to provide your customers with a better experience, ease the burden on your kitchen, and drive customer loyalty and growth.

  9. Access financing with DoorDash Capital: Get easy access to capital through a partnership between DoorDash and Parafin, a business financing provider. Find out how to get funding with DoorDash Capital.

Partnering with DoorDash enables merchants to offer the delivery and pickup solutions that customers expect, without having to manage the logistics. Now you understand how  DoorDash’s fees and commissions work to support a platform that allows businesses to reach new customers, drive incremental sales, and enable Dashers to earn when it works for them.

For more information on all of the DoorDash solutions available to you, download the free 2023 Product Guide for Restaurants

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