Strengthen Your Website with On-Demand Delivery

In this recorded webinar, learn how to tap into DoorDash's global network of Dashers to offer on-demand delivery from your website.

DoorDash bags for pickup

Learn how to offer on-demand delivery from your website or app

What can operators do to navigate delivery challenges, but still maintain control over key aspects of the customer experience? Operators with their own website ordering tools or who use platforms such as Clover, Toast, Square, or OLO can now tap into DoorDash’s global network of Dashers to offer on-demand delivery.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • Why some operators turned to On-Demand Delivery and the benefits they experience

  • The steps involved in adding On-Demand Delivery to your proprietary or third-party online ordering platform

  • Marketing moves that make sense and build sales with new delivery capabilities

You'll hear from experts including:

  • Alan Liddle, Contributing Event Content Editor & Moderator, Nation's Restaurant News

  • Sandeep Kowshik, Sr. Product Manager, Clover

  • Leah Arp, Sr. Off-Premise Manager, Your Pie 

  • Ariana Meinz, Sr. Manager, DoorDash Drive

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