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How to Manage Your Store Through Your DoorDash Tablet

Learn how to manage your store through your tablet.

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Manage Your Store on Your Tablet

A DoorDash Merchant tablet makes it easy to quickly adjust key features–anytime, anywhere–to make your store run smoothly and offer your customers the best experience.

How do I adjust store hours on my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

  1. Tap Store Hours in the sidebar menu.

  2. Your regular store hours will be listed in the left hand column. If you need to change your store hours permanently, visit the Merchant Portal.

  3. If you need to adjust store hours or add a closure for a specific date or dates, these can be done on your tablet. Tap the Add Special Hours or Closures link.

  4. Tap Select Dates in the Dates section.

  5. Choose one of the options in the dropdown menu and tap Next.

  6. Choose whether your store will be Open with Special Hours or Closed for the date selected.

  7. Tap Next to continue.

  8. Tap the box under Store Open.

  9. Use the pop-up to select the special opening time. Tap OK.

  10. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for Store Close. Tap Next to continue.

  11. Check the date and the open and close times to confirm they are correct. Tap Confirm Special Hours to finalize.

How do I update my kitchen status on my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

If you are experiencing a rush in the kitchen, you can update your kitchen status and choose to either slow down the volume of orders you receive or temporarily pause receiving new orders.

  1. To change your kitchen status, tap on the status button (in the example below, Accepting) on your order manager.

  2. Tap Busy and select how much extra prep time you need to prepare an order.

  3. Then tap Change Store Status.

How do I manage my sidebar menu on my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

Access your sidebar menu by tapping on the hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner.


In the Settings section, you can manage:

  • Turning the automatic confirm of new orders on or off

  • Changing the volume of new order alerts

  • Creating a test order

  • Toggle the Dasher arrival alert on or off

  • Setting up a printer and tablet battery alert

Order History

When you tap History, your most recent orders from the last 7 days (up to 100 orders total) will be displayed. Orders more than 7 days old will not appear here and can only be accessed via the Merchant Portal.

How do I manage multiple menus on my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

If you have different menus for different times of day or days of the week, you can access them using the dropdown icon next to your menu name.

How do I set up a printer on my DoorDash Merchant tablet?

If you selected a printer during your sign-up process, you need to pair it with your tablet.

  1. Ensure your printer is turned on and tap Setup printer to begin.

  2. Tap Okay to allow your tablet to find your printer via Bluetooth.

  3. Tap Allow to continue the pairing process.

  4. Under Available Devices, tap on the printer name to pair it with your tablet.

  5. When your printer and tablet are successfully paired, you will see a Cover is close, ready to use message under Printer in Settings.

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