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How to Add Storefront to Your Website

Get commission-free* orders with Storefront's online ordering systems for restaurants.

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According to our 2023 US Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, 44% of consumers reported ordering food delivery from a third-party app or website 2-4 times a month and another 23% of consumers order 5-7 times a month.

If you’re looking for ways for your restaurant to grow online, Storefront may be your solution. Adding Storefront, an online ordering system for restaurants, enables you to accept direct, commission-free orders through your site, social media, and Google Search & Maps. You will get commission-free orders by letting customers order through your own channels; just pay payment processing of 1.75% + AU$0.30 per order, plus AU$5.50
per delivery, includes GST. 

What is the Storefront online ordering system?



1.75% + AU$0.30 credit card processing fee and AU$5.50 delivery fee, includes GST, applies


Chargeback protection


Monthly software or setup fees

With Storefront, you turn website, social media, or Yelp visitors into customers. When you add this online ordering system for restaurants to your website, orders will show up on your DoorDash tablet or POS integration. Customers can pay for these orders using their credit card, Apple Pay, Venmo, or DashPay. Then, delivery orders will be either fulfilled by Dashers and pickup orders will be collected in your store by customers. Other benefits include:

  • Commission-free: No monthly fees or commissions— you are just responsible for payment processing.

  • Branding that’s yours: Easily customize your Storefront with your own logo, branding, color scheme, and more.

  • Easily process orders: Storefront orders are sent directly to your DoorDash tablet or POS provider.


How do I set up Storefront?

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal

  2. Head down to + Add Solutions and click on it.

  3. Scroll down to “Grow Online” and there you will see Storefront.

  4. Click on Add Channel

  5. Once Storefront is added, it will show up under the Channels section on the left-side panel.

  6. After setting up your Storefront, you are given a custom link to your online store. 

  7. In order to start receiving orders, you must publish your Storefront link. You can then place it on your website, social media accounts, or email campaigns.

How do I activate Storefront on my website?

Create a Storefront link on your website by following the below steps:

  1. Log into your web manager and create a Storefront menu page.

  2. Log into the Merchant Portal and on the left hand side scroll to the Channels section.

  3. Select Storefront and scroll down to the Storefront Link section. Here you can find and copy your Storefront link.

What is DashPay and how does it work?

With DashPay, customers can use their DoorDash app log-in information when they order directly from your website. This makes it faster and easier for your customers to order directly from you. According to an internal DoorDash study conducted from August to September 2023 with 103,000 customers, when customers have the option to use their existing data for log-in, it decreased the time it took them to checkout by 20%.


This free feature comes activated with Storefront, so there’s nothing you need to do on your end for access. If you have questions, fill out this form or if you do not want this feature, you can request to opt-out.

Increase sales on your website with a Storefront smart button

Restaurants saw 33% more orders after adding a smart button to their website. What makes a button smart? By adding the ‘smart button’ to your website when you install your Storefront online ordering system, you’re adding a clear call to action that helps increase visibility to your new online ordering channel. In summary, it’s a clickable link you can add to your website to help drive more sales. To help your Storefront smart button fit your unique brand and website design, we’ve made it:

  • Customizable (color, size, orientation, etc.)

  • Work seamlessly on every device–both desktop and mobile web browsing 

  • Stick to the page as your customer scrolls, so it’s always easy to find

  • Appear on every page of your website–so when your customers are ready to order directly from you, they have an easy path to checkout.

Here’s an example of what the button looks like on a restaurant’s website: 

LC-button-on-website-EN@2x (1)

Here are instructions on how to add a smart button to your website, which will create a customized floating button for Customers to easily order directly from you.

What is Storefront Marketing?

Storefront Marketing helps businesses grow online by turning targeted promotions and Google searches into commission-free* sales. The benefits include:

  • Increased commission-free* sales: Encourage more Storefront orders among new and existing customers with promotions. You can also introduce your restaurant to thousands of customers using Google Search and Maps to find food.

  • Customization for your business: Choose from multiple promotion types to target different customers.

How does Storefront Marketing work?

With Storefront Marketing, there are two growth tools that can help you grow your commission-free* online ordering channel:

  • Targeted: easy-to-setup promotions that encourage customers to place orders on your website.

  • Order with Google:  this allows customers using Google to search for food to find, order, and reorder food directly from your restaurant in just a few taps using your Google Business Profile. In fact, Restaurants using Order with Google have seen a 21% increase in commission-free* orders per store on average, over a one-month period. According to our 2023 US Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report, 16% of consumers start the process of where to order food for delivery or takeout by going on Google.

*1.75% + AU$0.30 credit card processing fee AU$5.50 delivery fee, including GST, applies.

How do I add a promotion?

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal

  2. On the left hand dashboard, head down to Marketing and click Run a campaign

  3. Click on Storefront.

  4. Choose your promotion type and follow the prompts. 

You can look more about the various types of promotions available by reading What Types of Ads and Promotions Can I Use?

How do I set up Order With Google ?

Good news: if your package includes Storefront and you have a Google Business profile, the free Order with Google integration is already activated. You’re all set! There’s no next step or anything else you need to do on your end.

Storefront FAQ

Where can I find step-by-step instructions to add Storefront to my specific website provider?

You can find guides for web providers such as GoDaddy, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, as well as additional setup instructions

How do I receive Storefront orders?

You can choose to receive and manage Storefront orders through a DoorDash tablet, or directly integrate with your POS system. We also offer the ability to receive orders via email or phone.

How are Storefront orders fulfilled?

Delivery orders placed on Storefront will be fulfilled by Dashers, or you can opt to use your own drivers with DoorDash Self-Delivery. Pickup orders will be collected in your store by customers.

How and when will I get paid for my DoorDash Storefront orders?

You can choose to receive weekly or daily direct deposits from DoorDash at no charge. Update your payment settings at any time by logging into the Merchant Portal and navigating to the Settings tab. 

If you’re not already a DoorDash partner, you’ll choose your payout preferences in the Storefront onboarding process.

Where can I access reporting on DoorDash Storefront performance?

Your sales and order-level reporting are available in the DoorDash Merchant Portal. If you’re ready for your restaurant to grow online via your own website and with Google, head over to the Merchant Portal and sign up to Storefront Marketing. You will gain access to tools that encourage more commission-free* orders and attract new customers. 

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