Beer, wine, and liquor delivery for retailers and stores

Connect with millions of customers already on DoorDash by tapping into our marketing tools and delivery logistics platform just for alcohol retailers. Grow your business—all while maintaining compliance with local alcohol delivery laws and regulations.

* Alcohol delivery available only in select locations and for select business types.

How does alcohol delivery work on DoorDash?


Sign up for DoorDash

Our team of specialists will reach out to verify your retail alcohol permit and get you set up on DoorDash.


Start receiving orders

Once your account is activated, customers can browse your offerings and place orders. Before purchasing, customers agree that the recipient must validate age.


Dashers deliver orders

Get goods to customers using the Dasher network. Manage inventory in real-time with the Merchant Portal.


Ensure compliance

At the point of handoff, Dashers verify a customer’s ID through the DoorDash app to ensure alcohol is only delivered to legal recipients.

Why alcohol retailers are joining DoorDash

Boost online visibility

Advertise your store on DoorDash and connect with thousands of new customers.

Quick delivery

Get alcohol to customers at today’s speed of life.

Increase revenue

Use tools like DashPass to grow incremental sales.

A logistics platform that works for your store

Become one of the thousands of merchants who trust DoorDash to help grow their business.


Liquor stores


Specialty beer & wine



Frequently asked questions

Alcohol delivery is currently available only in the following locations:

  • In the U.S.: California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota**, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington
  • In Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba***, New Brunswick***, Ontario, and Quebec***
  • In Australia: New South Wales** and Victoria**
  • The scope of delivery options vary by jurisdiction. All retailers are encouraged to consult their retail permit and local laws to confirm whether off-premises delivery is permitted and if so for what types of beverages and under what conditions.
  • ** In these jurisdictions DoorDash does not currently facilitate alcohol delivery from restaurants. *** In these jurisdictions, DoorDash currently only facilitates alcohol delivery from restaurants.

In states with strict county wet/dry laws, such as Kentucky and Texas, alcohol delivery is limited to and from specific areas. Please contact our team for more information.

Dashers must be of legal drinking age to be assigned an alcohol order, usually at least 21 years of age.
Some jurisdictions have additional requirements for Dashers, such as an alcohol safety course. Where those requirements are in place, DoorDash ensures only eligible Dashers who have completed those steps are assigned to alcohol delivery orders.