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Increase order volume and grow your business. Use these best practices to make the most of your DoorDash partnership.

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How to Avoid Avoidable Cancellation

Some order cancellations are outside of your control. Here are tips for minimizing the ones you can control.

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How to Avoid Missing or Incorrect Items

Not every order is perfect. Here’s how to avoid orders with missing or incorrect items.

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How to Avoid Avoidable Wait

Sometimes Dashers have to wait for orders to be ready. Here’s how to minimize that wait time.

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How to Streamline Your DoorDash Operations

Running a restaurant has never been easy — and as off-premise sales continue to rise, we want to make sure your restaurant is equipped to meet the needs of your customers, staff, and the evolving landscape.

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Learn How to Use the DoorDash Tools

As a DoorDash partner, you have access to an exclusive suite of tools that will help you manage and grow your takeout and delivery business.


Maximize Your DoorDash Menu

Your menu serves as a tool to entice customers and drive online orders within the DoorDash app. Learn how to change and update your menu to provide your customers with a better experience, ease the burden on your kitchen, and drive customer loyalty and growth.