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4 New Tablet Features: Making it Easier to Manage Your Orders

New features to offer a smoother and more efficient DoorDash Merchant Tablet experience.

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According to DoorDash's 2023 Economic Impact Report conducted from May to June 2022 with 736 US DoorDash merchants, four out of five (81%) said DoorDash helped minimize the time cost and logistical burden of in-house delivery. On that note, we're thrilled to announce a series of updates to your DoorDash Tablet, designed to streamline operations and enhance flexibility. Here are four new features your team can start using today:

1. Cancel confirmed orders in a few clicks

You no longer need to reach out to support when you have to cancel an order You now have the ability to cancel confirmed orders directly from your DoorDash Merchant Tablet. In the process, we will also share some ideas on how you can fix order issues, so you don’t have to cancel.

orders cancel 2024 v01.01 tablet

To learn how to cancel an order on your tablet, head to How to Manage Live Orders on DoorDash.

2. Simplified prep time adjustments

Now you can adjust prep times in a single tap–even for confirmed orders. This will help you save time when you’ve finished making the order earlier than expected or if you need a few more minutes.

DD will deliver v01.02 tablet@2x

For more details on how to adjust pick up time, head over to How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet.

3. Undo mistakes in a snap

Mistakenly marked an order as ready? No worries! You now have a 5-second window to undo this action, double-check its status, and allow you to move at the pace that your business demands.

Tablet-Updates 20 items 24fps

How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet includes step-by-step instructions.

4. Streamlined communication with customers and Dashers

You no longer have to type in a phone number every time you need to reach a customer or Dasher. Instead, you can save default numbers on your DoorDash Merchant Tablet, making it easier to reach out to your regulars.

connecting to Dx v01.01 tablet@2x

For specific steps on how to contact a customer or Dasher, check out How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet.

Almost half of merchants (48%) say that DoorDash is crucial to their business’s success and we want to help your business grow any way we can. That’s why we're committed to enhancing your DoorDash Tablet experience, providing you with improved tools to run your restaurant.

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