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How to Adjust Existing Orders Using Your DoorDash Tablet

Now you can easily adjust an order using your DoorDash Tablet.

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A DoorDash Merchant Tablet makes it easy to quickly adjust all existing orders, so you can focus on offering your customers the best experience.

How do I adjust pickup time on my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

Need more time to prepare your order or was your order ready to go sooner than expected? Here’s what to do:

1. If an order will take longer than you originally estimated, you can move the pickup time back. To do so, head over to Active Orders or Order History and tap Issue with Order.
2. Select Adjust Prep Time in the pop-up menu.
3. From here, you can choose when the order will be ready for Dasher or customer pickup.
4. Tap Confirm to update the pickup time.

How do I contact a customer or Dasher through my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

At times, questions arise, and you may need to contact the customer or Dasher during an active order or after the order has been picked up.

1. Navigate to the Active Orders tab or Order history tab and tap on Issue with Order at the top right.
2. Choose either Customer or Dasher to contact on this screen by tapping the phone icon.
3. After you hit the phone icon, you will be prompted to enter your phone number.
4. Once you enter your phone number, you will receive a call from DoorDash connecting you to the Customer or Dasher.

Note: Your phone number will be masked, the Customer or Dasher will not be able to view your number or call you back.

How do I resolve an issue with an out-of-stock item through my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

When you run out of an item, there are two ways to resolve:

If you proactively notice the item is out-of-stock before an order is placed

Mark the item out-of-stock from your menu in the Manage Menu section of the tablet.
1. Click on the menu you would like to edit.
2. Select the category that contains the item(s) you would like to edit.
3. Tap the item and select the toggle to mark it out of stock. You can select the entire item or just specific modifiers.
4. Select one of the time duration options.
5. Tap Apply.

If you notice the item is out of stock as part of an existing order

1. Tap on Issue with Order.
2. Tap on Mark something as Out of Stock.

How do I live chat with support through my DoorDash restaurant tablet?

If you need assistance beyond contacting a customer, adjusting pickup time or marking an item out of stock, you can reach out to the Support team.

1. Head to Active Orders or Order History and tap on Issue with Order at the top right.
2. Tap Support Live Chat to open a chat window with our Support team. This feature is accessible for all orders that are currently in progress or have already been picked up.
3. Tap Select a value to reveal a drop-down menu.
4. Select the issue you’re experiencing.
5. Provide additional details so our Support team can resolve quickly.
6. Tap Chat with an Agent to start the chat.

Ready to adjust your order?

Whether an item is out of stock or need more prep time, log into your tablet to get started.


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