14 Alcohol Gift Delivery Ideas to Boost Liquor Sales on Special Occasions

Special occasions and holidays are opportunities for liquor stores to drive more orders with customized alcohol gift delivery.

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Alcohol consumers today are not only seeking convenience in purchasing — they want variety to match their lifestyle and preferences. The United States held the largest market share worldwide for alcohol beverage e-commerce last year. 

Offering occasion-specific cocktail and mocktail kits, as well as a wide array of curated beer and wine selections, can entice customers to look to your business to deliver alcohol on special occasions.    

DoorDash has seen consistent growth in alcohol orders for pickup and delivery. Our Alcohol Online Ordering Trends Report found that from 2021 to 2022, alcohol deliveries in the US increased by 100% — and as of early 2023, 69% of consumers reported ordering alcohol online at least monthly.

Why are customers ordering alcohol online? 

When customers host holiday parties and gatherings at home, they enjoy delivery for its convenience and efficiency. And it's becoming increasingly easier for consumers to buy alcohol gift sets online and have them delivered to friends or loved ones on special occasions.  

Liquor stores can review their analytics to help plan for these busy holidays and special occasions. DoorDash partners get access to valuable sales data in the Merchant Portal and anticipate spikes in demand.

Alcohol gift ideas for special occasions and events

Thoughtful and appropriate alcohol gift delivery for a holiday or special occasion is a gesture that leaves an impression. To help liquor stores brainstorm promotions and encourage sales, here are a few of the most popular special occasions paired with alcohol gift ideas:

1. College graduation: Treat a new graduate to a local craft beer or a "grown-up" spirit like an aged whiskey. 

2. Job promotion: A selection of wine is the perfect office gift to celebrate a promotion or team win, and can include non-alcoholic options. 

3. Anniversary: Nothing says "I love you" like a bottle of rosé or sparkling wine. 

4. Football championship: Celebrate your favorite team with a six-pack of local beer.

5. New home: A bottle of champagne is a thoughtful way to toast new homeowners. Retailers can offer a kit with champagne flutes, as new buyers may not have unpacked.

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Alcohol gift sets for holidays 

Customers value quality and convenience, and are willing to pay a premium for curated gifts. Cocktail kits and alcohol gift sets are a special way to make holiday gift-giving even more distinctive, and offering alcohol gift delivery during busy festive times is a huge boon to ease your customers' holiday stress. The following holidays are examples of annual celebrations that pair well with alcohol gift ideas:

6. Valentine's Day: Champagne is considered the most romantic alcohol, and gift baskets with candles, flowers, or other luxury items offer one-stop shopping for your customers.

7. St. Patrick's Day: A bottle of Irish whiskey is a time-tested way to say sláinte. Pairing it with a proper Irish whiskey glass, and offering whiskey cocktail recipes with a Paddy’s Day theme, will help customers get in the spirit for one of the biggest alcohol-consuming holidays.

8. Cinco de Mayo: Strawberry Margaritas are perfect for a new twist on Cinco de Mayo. Create a cocktail kit for your customers with themed glasses, limes, a salt rimming dish, and festive drink umbrellas.

9. Mother's Day and Father's Day: One of the trends to watch in 2024 is coffee in cocktails. Coffee cocktails can be simple like the espresso martini, timeless like the Black Russian, or on-trend like the Carajillo, so adding high quality, expertly roasted espresso products and coffee accessories to your cocktail kits will help customers impress their friends. 

10. Memorial Day: In the Northern Hemisphere, help customers kick off summer party season with cocktail and mocktail recipes, and accessories like drink umbrellas, stir sticks, and cocktail shakers.

11. Independence Day: The 4th of July in the US means summer has officially arrived, so support that patriotic spirit by offering customers build-your-own craft beer packs from local brewers.

12. Thanksgiving: Help customers bring families together with cozy bottles of red wine, toast-worthy champagne, and a selection of local seasonal craft ales to give thanks for. 

13. Christmas: This iconic holiday brings opportunity for traditional drinks like eggnog and festive mulled wine. Offering these and other sweet treats like a candy cane martini kit will save customers time and effort at the busiest time of year — and recipe cards, branded swag, and wintery garnishes can add even more festive flair.

14. New Year's Eve: Festive accessories to a New Year's alcohol gift set can include hats, confetti, and noisemakers to help customers ring in one of the biggest drinking nights of the year.

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Unique alcohol kits and gifts to offer

Fun, distinctive accessories will encourage customers to place orders from your liquor store time and again for celebrations and holidays. Here are our suggestions for additional products to impress your customers. 

  • Glasses: Depending on the style of drinks in your kits, offering appropriate glasses or stemware adds significant value to any alcohol gift kit. Follow best packaging practices to ensure any fragile glassware or bottles arrive intact.

  • Bottle stoppers: Champagne stoppers can range from simple to fancy but they’re always important to have easily accessible.

  • Coasters: Coasters embellished with your liquor store's logo are a brand-boosting addition to any cocktail kit. 

  • Can holder: Another branded option, a unique koozie or can holder will keep a beer cold, party after party.

  • Cocktail recipe cards: Customers will want to make your suggested cocktails or mocktails on more than occasion, so print recipes on branded spill-proof recipe cards.

  • Staying local: A branded map of local craft breweries, distilleries, or wineries in custom cocktail kits and alcohol gift baskets will help boost your expertise in the community.

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A variety of alcohol options can boost sales

Creating promotions that highlight alcohol gift sets and cocktail kits helps lead to liquor store sales and customer satisfaction. In a 2023 study, beer, wine, and liquor preference was fairly even among Americans — with 37% preferring beer, 29% preferring wine and 31% preferring spirits. That means liquor stores can offer a variety of options tailored to popular drinking holidays to suit all tastes and keep customers ordering more. 

Are you looking to increase your holiday sales? Join DoorDash and offer alcohol delivery to your liquor store.


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