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Commission-free online ordering.

Set up your branded online ordering store in minutes. Enable pickup and delivery directly from your website.

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Your branded online ordering store gives you full ownership of the customer experience.

Designed For Growth

Designed For Growth

Pickup and delivery on your website, powered by DoorDash's industry-leading software.

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Storefront is always commission-free, and you can cancel anytime.

How does Storefront work?

No training is required to use Storefront. You can set up in minutes to begin taking orders today.

  • Automatic listing

    Menu and hours import from your DoorDash listing on our app

  • Orders received

    Receive orders the same way you currently do for DoorDash

  • Dasher fleet

    DoorDash’s Dasher fleet completes your deliveries

  • Payment

    Payments sent on the same schedule you’re used to

  • Reporting

    Sales reporting available anytime in your Merchant Portal

How do I set up Storefront?

Set up your DoorDash Storefront in three easy steps

Customize the look
Preview Storefront page
Publish your Storefront to your website

Frequently Asked Questions

Set-Up & Management

If you are an existing DoorDash partner, sign in to your Merchant Portal to get started with Storefront. If you are not an existing DoorDash partner, click here to join DoorDash today.

In three easy steps, you can go live with DoorDash Storefront:

  • Customize your online ordering Storefront.
  • Review the fees and terms for your new online store.
  • Publish your Storefront to your website to start accepting orders.

DoorDash Storefront uses the same menus and hours that you have available on your DoorDash listing on our app. You can use the DoorDash Merchant Portal to make updates, which will apply for both your regular DoorDash listing and your Storefront.

We recommend setting up an account with the web hosting platform of your choice.

Order Fulfillment

Upon completing set up for your restaurant ordering system, you’ll be provided a custom link for your Storefront. To start getting orders, add this link to your website, social media accounts, and email campaigns. More information is available in the Marketing Guide.

We built DoorDash Storefront to be a seamless restaurant online ordering system. Receive DoorDash Storefront orders the same way you currently do with DoorDash Marketplace. We also offer direct integration with select point-of-sale providers.

You will fulfill your orders the same way you do currently with DoorDash. Pickup orders will be picked up in store directly by customers, and delivery orders will be fulfilled by DoorDash’s Dasher fleet.

DoorDash Storefront is compatible for direct integration with a variety of POS providers. Learn more about POS integration within our FAQ guide.

Reporting and Financials

You will receive your payments on the same schedule that you currently do with DoorDash.

Your sales and order-level reporting are available in your DoorDash Merchant Portal.

Strengthen brand loyalty by using DoorDash Storefront customer and order data for easy implementation of proven marketing tactics that put your brand first. You have full customer ownership to help with loyalty and marketing programs.


DoorDash is waiving the subscription, set-up, and merchant delivery fees incurred in 2020 for DoorDash Storefront for restaurants in the U.S. or Canada with five or fewer locations. To qualify, you must set up your Storefront in 2020. At the end of 2020, all accounts will revert to standard product pricing.

*Merchant will still be subject to credit card processing as described in the Merchant’s Software and Services Addendum.

DoorDash Storefront incurs the following fees, which are reviewed in your Merchant Portal:

  • Monthly software fee per location (waived during promotion*)
  • One time set-up fee per location (waived during promotion*)
  • Merchant delivery fee per transaction (waived during promotion*)
  • Credit card processing per transaction

Customers pay no fees on pickup orders. For delivery orders, customers pay a $2.99 delivery fee (CAD $3.99 in Canada) plus 10% service fee on their order subtotal. If orders have a subtotal less than $10, a small order fee of $2 applies.

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Sign up with DoorDash Marketplace to begin using Storefront. Get delivery with DoorDash Marketplace at no cost for the first 30 days.

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