Host a well-known brand in your kitchen

Add an incremental revenue stream by selling a well-known brand’s menu out of your kitchen with Brand Licensing.

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Why become a host merchant

Increase revenue

Earn incremental revenue 

Add a whole new revenue stream and menu without the overhead.

Low to no cost

Low to no costs 

Use your existing kitchen space, equipment, and staff to sell more.

Easy to manage

Easy to manage

We’ll help select the right brand for you and market your new store.

License an existing brand 

Use your own kitchen space and staff to create an incremental revenue stream. We’ll help you license an existing brand from an established brick-and-mortar merchant, and you’ll use your space, staff, and equipment to prepare that brand’s menu items.

Brand Licensing in Marketplace
Brand Licensing in Merchant Portal

Grow profits with a virtual restaurant

You’ll have an opportunity to earn additional revenue (at low or no cost) by offering these items to customers using a separate, virtual-only menu on DoorDash. DoorDash handles staff training, marketing, and the store page.

"I just make it and sell it on the DoorDash platform. It's like DoorDash is giving me free money."

Francis Cui

Co-Owner, Bak Kung and Host Merchant of Aria

Bak Kung BBQ Francis Cui

Host from our portfolio of successful brands

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Frequently asked questions

Hosting an existing brand in your kitchen and opening another DoorDash listing allows restaurants the opportunity to generate additional revenue while using your current kitchen, staff, and equipment to prepare and offer a delivery-only menu. It’s a good option for operators who want to launch a virtual restaurant but don’t want to spend time developing a completely new concept, brand, or menu.

DoorDash will help you find the right virtual restaurant concept and set up your DoorDash listing. We’ll also support you by:

  1. Providing an established supply chain so you can procure necessary ingredients with minimal effort.

  2. Developing training resources and leading sessions to help your staff understand the culinary processes for the licensed brand you’ve chosen to host.

  3. Offering DoorDash-funded marketing support to drive awareness about your licensed brand in your area.

On the DoorDash app and website, customers order directly from the virtual restaurant's store. On the store page, they see a banner informing them that this is a brand hosted by a local merchant. 

Restaurant partners looking to license a brand with DoorDash can expect a competitive commission-based percentage fee. Since licensed brand items are prepared with resources you already have in your kitchen, incremental costs for labor, equipment, and rent are minimal to nonexistent. Learn more about DoorDash Partnership Plans & Pricing.

On average, merchants can generate anywhere from 15-35% incremental profitability by licensing an existing virtual brand.