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What are Sponsored Listings?

Sponsored Listings are ads that are featured in highly visible places in DoorDash, like the homepage and the top of relevant search results.

Sponsored Listings are pay-per-order, not per click. That means you’ll only be charged for orders placed through your ad — not for ad clicks or impressions.

Claim your free advertising credits

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For your first campaign, we’ll cover the first $100 of marketing fees per store.*

Advertise on DoorDash to grow your business

Get noticed

Increase visibility

Stand out to hungry customers in your area by getting prime real estate in the DoorDash app.

Attract New Customers

Attract more customers

On average, more than 45% of orders generated from ads on DoorDash come from new customers.**

Turn data into dollars

Grow sales

On average, businesses that run ads on DoorDash earn $6 for every $1 spent on their ad.***

Pay per order, not per click

Sponsored Listings are offered through a risk-free pricing model, which means that you only pay when the ad leads to an order. Unlike ads on other platforms, you won’t be charged for clicks or impressions.

How to create a Sponsored Listing


Target your audience

Select whether you want to target all customers, new customers, or customers who have ordered before.


Set daily budget & duration

We recommend keeping your ad going. Remember, you only pay when you receive an order.


Track results

Track sales, orders, and new customers in the Merchant Portal. You can pause or end your campaign at any time.

"Sponsored Listings is like getting a billboard on the big highway DoorDash has built."

Sean Reiter
Director of Revenue, The Melt

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Sponsored Listings

Sponsored Listings appear on the homepage and at the top of relevant DoorDash search results. That means your business will appear ahead of others as potential customers explore options in DoorDash.

When you select your campaign audience, you can choose whether to target new customers, existing customers, or all customers in your delivery area. Your ads will appear based on your relevance to a customer’s search and the strength of your bid compared to other businesses on DoorDash.

No, you don't. Sponsored Listings are designed for busy merchants with varying levels of advertising experience. Visit the Marketing tab in the Merchant Portal and we’ll guide you through the creation of your ad campaign. Once your ad is live, you’ll easily be able to make adjustments and monitor its performance in the Merchant Portal. 

You only pay for confirmed orders placed through your ad. That means your marketing dollars result in actual sales — not just clicks or impressions.

If you’ve never run a Sponsored Listing before, you may be eligible for $100 in free credits per store to try your first ad. DoorDash will fund the first $100 of marketing fees for each eligible store in your campaign. Learn more about Sponsored Listing free trials.

Visit the Marketing tab in the Merchant Portal, and click "Campaign Reporting." Then you can check campaign performance or end your campaign.

Start advertising today

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*This is a limited-time offer for select merchants in the U.S. valid until terminated by DoorDash; DoorDash may end this offer at any time. Eligible merchants will see the offer available in the Marketing tab in DoorDash's Merchant Portal. Stores that have previously participated in Promos or Sponsored Listings are not eligible for the credit. After the $100 credit is consumed per store, merchants will be automatically charged for the remainder of the campaigns per store. No cash value. Non-transferable.

**Internal DoorDash Data, February - July 2022. Results are averages across partners.

***Internal DoorDash Data, February - July 2022. Results are averages across partners over one month.