Restaurant Advisory Council (RAC)

The Restaurant Advisory Council is a partnership between DoorDash and restaurateurs across the United States and Canada, connecting DoorDash with the broader restaurant community.

Why do we have a Restaurant Advisory Council?

ensure order accuracy

Guide product updates

Provide feedback on DoorDash functionality.

point of sale integrations

Advise policy initiatives

Weigh in on issues that affect the restaurant community.


Build community

Share advice and best practices across the industry.

Current Members

  • Ryan Klepper

    Ryan Klepper

    H&H Bagles

    Director of Operations

    USA, multiple locations

  • Lakita Spann

    Lakita Spann

    Mr. Potato Spread


    Jacksonville, FL

  • Brandon Gillis

    Brandon Gillis



    San Francisco, CA

  • Tony Burgess

    Tony Burgess

    Mythical Pizza

    Founding Director

    Berkely Springs, WV

  • Gianluca Pesce

    Gianluca Pesce


    Director of Marketing & Communications

    USA, multiple locations

  • Matt Whiffen

    Matt Whiffen

    The Mini Donut Company


    San Diego, CA; Portland, OR

  • Helene Choi

    Helene Choi

    Garden Bistro at Destin Gift Graden


    Destin, FL

  • Braden Alsnauer

    Braden Alsnauer

    Federal Donuts

    Director of Operations

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Guy Ciolfi

    Guy Ciolfi

    Chicken & The Pig


    Lynnfield, MA

  • Khari Parker

    Khari Parker

    Connie's Chicken and Waffles


    Baltimore, MD

  • Adam Hegsted

    Adam Hegsted

    Eat Good Group


    Spokane, WA

  • Michael Kuehne

    Michael Kuehne

    Indochine Express

    Vice President

    Wilmington, NC

  • Jaclyn Wagner

    Jaclyn Wagner

    Bok a Bok Chicken

    Director of Operations

    Seattle and Kirkland, WA

  • Teresa Maynard

    Teresa Maynard

    Kora Brew House & Wine Bar


    Bryan, OH

  • Laura Luallen

    Laura Luallen

    Buddy's bar-b-q

    Project Manager

    Knoxville, TN

Restaurant Advisory Council Member Barbara "Sky" Burrell of Sky's Gourmet Tacos

“I am so pleased that DoorDash reached out to us to receive ideas and feedback as to the current and future challenges facing our industry.”

Barbara “Sky” Burrell
CEO, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos 

Frequently Asked Questions

All restaurants who have at least one location active as a partner on DoorDash are eligible.

DoorDash will review all applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and make selections based on a variety of factors. We are seeking a diverse, representative group of businesses to serve on the council. As a growing global company, it is important we also ensure that geographic regions and various demographics are represented.

Restaurant Advisory Council members are required to join us for a 3-hour onboarding session. Members will also be asked to join monthly meetings (about 90 minutes long). Meetings are currently held via Zoom. Future cohorts may be asked to participate in one in-person meeting.

Applications open twice annually: In June for the fall cohort and December for the winter cohort.

After the application window closes, an internal committee at DoorDash reviews submissions. The committee will reach out to eligible applicants to schedule interviews as the next step in the process.

Restaurant Advisory Council members serve six-month terms and attend one meeting per month. If you are unable to apply today, we will re-open the application every six months so you will have a chance to apply later.